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Fluid/Fuel Resistant, Fungus Resistant, Temperature Resistant, Air Sealing Gaskets, and others

custom gaskets

assortment of custom gaskets

Custom Gaskets are NEDCs main product. We manufacture different types of all different environments, and industries.


What are Gaskets?

Gaskets are a type of solution that is an interface between two surfaces to prevent mediums such as fluid, gases, or other medias of intruding into an unwanted space. A gasket functions by providing enough stress/strain to make the gasket conform to the imperfections within surfaces it is being pressured against.

What Are The Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gasket Material?


Gaskets can be subject to a number of different environmental concerns/stresses. There can be quite a few potential concerns when choosing a gasket. 

-Whether the gasket will be subject to fluids such as oil, fuel, brake-fluid, or other fluids?

-If the gaskets will do a lot of temperature cycling from low temperatures to high temperatures, or possibility a variety of both?

-How much compression the gasket will be subject to?

-Whether the gasket will be exposed to ozone, and UV?

-EMI/RFI shielding requirements of the gaskets, or if the gasket needs to be conductive, antistatic?

-Whether the gasket will require an adhesive backing?

These questions lead into what selections are available out in the industry for solutions. At NEDC, we are familiar with many of the selections available. 

Polymers/Availability for Custom Gaskets

Availability usually comes down to the same questions as above to start boiling down the potential solutions.

There are:

-High Temperature, and Low Temperature Gaskets                                      -Flame Retardant Gaskets

-UV Resistant Gaskets                                                                                          -Fuel Resistant Gaskets

-Low Compression Set Gaskets                                                                          -Ozone Resistant Gaskets

-Soft/Hard Gaskets                                                                                               -Electrically Conductive Gaskets

Materials/Composites Available

The above types of gaskets are made up of a combination of different types of polymers/composites/rubbers. Many of these materials can be provided in cellular form such as sponge or foam rubber materials. These selections include:

-Viton Rubber(Fluoroelastomer) FKM                                                               -Fluorosilicone Rubber (FVMQ)

-EPDM Rubber                                                                                                      -Silicone Rubber

-Urethane Rubber                                                                                                -Nitrile Rubber

-SBR Rubber                                                                                                          -Epichlorohydrin Rubber

And more

custom dust gasket

custom dust gasket

Types of Gaskets Available?

With all of these different types of gasketing materials, and quesitons- what kind of custom gaskets are produced?

-Dust Gaskets -High Heat Gaskets(Heat Resistant Gaskets) -Thermal Gaskets – Food Grade Gaskets – RFI/EMI Gaskets – Canister Gaskets – Furnace Gaskets – Plenum Gaskets – Electrical Outlet Gaskets – Flange Gaskets – Speaker Gaskets – Outdoor Light Fixture Gaskets – Transformer Gaskets – Vacuum Gaskets – Recessed Lighting Gaskets – Air Compressor Gaskets – Solar Panel Gaskets- Speaker Baffle Gaskets 

custom gaskets

more custom gaskets

More Availability of Custom Gaskets

The availability goes one step further with all of the different solutions that branch out. There are plastic gaskets, sponge/foam gaskets, and VHB Tape Gaskets.

VHB Tape Gaskets

VHB Gaskets refer to VHB Tape materials provided by 3M cut into shapes that offer gasketing solutions. They are used in place of permanent fasteners. The time saved in assembly and processing can be dramatically cut down with VHB. The reason these acrylic foam tapes are used is because they offer great permanent bonding strength. In addition, they can seal out many mediums such as dust or water when properly applied. These tapes are commonly used on computer like tablets. These acrylic foam tapes include ultra thin and thick options to accommodate different applications. There are countless families of VHB Tapes to chose from. The main VHB Tape families are 4941, 5952, and RP Tapes. However, there are quite an assortment of options, including high temperature options, low temperature options, powder coated surface adhering options, and more.

Sponge/Foam Gaskets

Sponge/foam gaskets include cellular products that allow for less compression force. It is normally required to have significant pressure to seal out different medias properly. These materials have been chemically, or otherwise expanded. However, they are commonly made out of the same base materials as many solid rubber gasketing options. Some examples of foam/sponge gaskets include silicone sponge, fluorosilicone sponge, neoprene sponge, PORON®(urethane foam), or sponge blends. Sponge and foam gaskets are highly customizable. Some examples of that include thermally conductive options, electrically conductive options, and ultra-soft/firm options.

Commonly known cellular foam/sponge products include:

Silicone Sponge Products such as NORSEAL® R10400, R10450, R10460, R10470, R10480, and R10490 by Saint Gobain Performance Plastics.

-PORON® Urethane Foams by Rogers Corporation. PORON® has a huge variety of thicknesses, densities, and firmnesses available for purchase.

Silicone Foam Products such as BISCO® HT-800, HT-820, HT-840, and HT-870 by Rogers Corporation.

-Electrically Conductive Products such as Condux Plus™ from Rogers.

-Thermally Conductive Products such as Thermacool R10404 from Saint Gobain.

Plastic Gaskets

There are times that gaskets are made out of plastic materials instead of elastomeric ones. Some materials used include PTFE(Teflon), Nylon, UHMW, G10 Epoxyglass, and more. These materials are cut out of flat sheet materials by NEDC. As a result, the plastic we cut is usually relatively thin due to the fact we are cutting through it with either a die, laser, or a water stream.

Gasketing for UL Rated Applications

For applications that require a UL listed material- there are many options to chose from. Many of the big manufacturers/OEMs have sent out their products to become UL listed for either sealing(UL 157), flame retardancy(UL 94), or safety in control panels(UL508)

Tape Backings(Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

With custom gaskets tape backings are available. These help with assembly. Many different types of peel and stick options are available. Oftentimes NEDC will apply acrylic pressure sensitive tape such as 3M 9472, or 9485PC. These high-performance acrylics stick well to most high-surface energy substrates. However, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive options are also available.

Thickness Tolerancing for Sheeted Goods for Gasket Products

Gaskets are meant to be compressed. Sponge/Foam Gasketing materials compress more with less pressure then their solid rubber gasketing material counterparts. When adding a material to a print- the thickness tolerance can come from a few different places.

-The Print has a thickness tolerance demanding by the application- oftentimes this ends up being more stringent than is available commercially, easily.

-The Specification associated with the material. For example, AMS-3195, a silicone sponge specification has thickness tolerancing associated with it.

-If no tolerance is specified- its usually assumed that RMA tolerances apply. Below we have added a table of RMA thickness tolerances for sponge/rubber.

About NEDC

NEDC is a die-cutting manfacturer, and supplier of various cut products that utilizes waterjet cutting, laser cutting, and die-cutting to cut the above listed materials into custom gaskets. If you have an application that you believe could utilize a custom manufactured gasket, please contact

BISCO® & PORON® are registered Trademarks of Rogers Corporation.

NORSEAL® is a registered Trademark of Saint Gobain Performance Plastics.

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