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When manufacturing electrically conductive gaskets, usually an electrically conductive tape may be required. This allows for die-cut parts to have good electrical conductivity in all directions(isotropic, XYZ) throughout the part including the adhesive. These tapes provide the ability for the gasket to provide not only a continuous EMI shielding solution, but also an assembly solution by allowing an easy peel and stick option.

Types of ECATTS(Electrically Conductive Adhesive Tapes)

There are a few different variables/options when it comes to ECATTs. Adhesive thickness, type of adhesive, and type of filler. For many requirements, there is a tape to match. For example, for high-temperature requirements there is a silicone-based option(3M 9719). As another example, for high adhesion with great contact resistance, there is 3M 9707.

Below are some of the more popular options for electrically conductive transfer tapes available from 3M Company. As a 3M Converter, NEDC has access to a lot of the common/popular tapes for EMI Gasketing solutions. 

Tape Product #, thickness of adhesive, type of adhesive, type of filler, adhesion to stainless steel 24 hrs @ 72°F

3M 9703, 2mil, isotropic, acrylic-based, silver, 32 oz/in –

3M 9707, 2mil, isotropic, acrylic-based, silver, 55 oz/in – 

3M 9713, 3.5mil, isotropic, acrylic-based, nickel/graphite, 50 oz/in –

3M 9719, 4mil, isotropic, silicone-based, nickel/graphite, 30 oz/in –

Lamination/Cutting of ECATTs to Gasket Materials

As a 3M converter, we laminate many materials as we cut gaskets. Many of the electrically conductive gaskets that we manufacture require electrically conductive transfer tapes. Although silicone based adhesives are available, NEDC mostly utilizes acrylic-based adhesives for even fluorosilicone/silicone gaskets. The above tapes can be cut with laser-cutting if cut alone, and are normally cut through die-cutting/waterjet cutting if cut in gasket form. 

More information on ECATTs(Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes)

For more information on Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes, or you believe you have an application that could utilize them please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet Download 3M 9719

Datasheet Download 3M 9713

Datasheet Download 3M 9707

Datasheet Download 3M 9703

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