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Gaskets and insulators backed with 3M 9472 transfer tape

Gaskets and insulators backed with 3M 9472 transfer tape

In the converting industry, every company has a transfer tape they primarily use when they are die cutting, waterjet cutting, or laser cutting fabricated parts. These tapes must be versatile, easy to work with, affordable, and dependable. At NEDC we use 3M 9472 Transfer Tape.

Properties of 3M 9472 Transfer Tape

This acrylic high-tack transfer tape is extremely dependable. It is composed of .005” thick 300 series adhesive, coated onto a elegant brown 3M printed liner. This liner has ease of use with its peelable 60# 3.5 mil densified kraft liner. This liner is silicone-coated to ensure good transfer from the liner to the product it is being laminated to. This tape is excellent for adhesion to high-surface energy plastics, metals, and other materials. In fact, the adhesion is one of the reasons that NEDC has picked 9472.

However, it sticks better or worse to different surfaces. As with most adhesives, the longer 3M 9472 stays on the surface, the stronger the bond becomes. For example, to stainless steel after 72 hours it has 86 oz/in of adhesion; to ABS, 40; and to polypropylene, 60. It offers additional benefits such as high temperature resistance to 250° F, excellent humidity, solvent, UV, and water resistance. On the lower end of the temperature range, it can go down to -40° F. With so many benefits, there are numerous products that NEDC uses 9472 on. In addition to the numerous benefits, since NEDC does a considerable amount of this business, this tape offers a great cost-to-benefit ratio in comparison with others.

Other Information

NEDC uses 3M 9472 on everything from thin films to silicone sponge products. This tape meets many specifications, including Mil-P-19834B Type 1. This tape has a shelf life of 18 months from date of shipment at 3M. The datasheet is linked below for more information that may not be included here. For more information on 3M 9472, or if you would like a quote on a product with tape backing, please contact sales@nedc.com.

Datasheet for 3M 9472 Transfer Tape

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