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tape 3m 9485pc

tape 3m 9485pc

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed some tips on how to pick a transfer tape for your gasket. One of the tips was, “Make sure you utilize a popular tape if you can.” The reason we said this is, popular transfer tapes are widely available, and their large economies of scale allow for many converters(die-cutters) to have it on the shelf at a good cost to their customers.

Different Popular 3M Transfer Tapes

3M 467MP – 200MP acrylic adhesive/2 mil thick adhesive/4.2 PCK (polycoated kraft liner)

3M 467MP is the workhorse of the converting industry. It is the most popular and widely recognized tape that we know of. It provides outstanding adhesion. When first placed on a substrate it may be temporarily repositionable which provides an ease of use that is difficult to find. At NEDC we use a lot of 3M 467MP. 

3M 9485PC -350 series adhesive/5 mil thick adhesive/4.2 mil 58 lb. PCK (polycoated kraft liner)

3M 9485PC provides a high bond to low/high surface energy substrates. It has great peel strength, and excellent chemical resistance. At NEDC we use a lot of 3M 9485PC transfer tape.

3M 9472- 300 series adhesive/5 mil thick adhesive/3.5 mil densified kraft liner

3M 9472 is widely recognized, it is not as popular as 3M 467MP or 9485PC, however it’s the tape we use at NEDC most frequently. 3M 9472 is a hi-strength adhesive transfer tape that is good for sticking to a variety of substrates. If you don’t specify an adhesive backing on your gasket, chances are you may receive 3M 9472 on the back. 

3M 9472LE – 300LSE series adhesive/5 mil thick adhesive/4.2 mil PCK (polycoated kraft liner)

3M 9472LE is a low-surface energy tape designed to stick to lower surface energy surfaces such as plastics. 3M 9472LE offers many of the same advantages of 3M 9472. However, it sticks to low surface energy substrates. 

More Information

NEDC is a 3M converter, and supplies the tapes above in either plain format with a liner, or also on the back of die-cut products such as gaskets. For more information on 3M Transfer Tapes, please contact sales@nedc.com

Datasheets for More Info:

Datasheet for 3M 9472

Datasheet for 3M 467MP 

Datasheet for 3M 9485PC

Datasheet for 3M 9472LE

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