3m 467mp

3m 467mp

At NEDC, one of the main things we do is laminate materials with adhesive backing before we cut them. For this we use 3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes. 

What is an Adhesive Transfer Tape?

Essentially an adhesive transfer tape is a type of adhesive that is coated onto a liner that is on the liner just enough that most substrates the adhesive sticks to will enable the user to remove the liner and then have the adhesive stay on the substrate. . When this happens, the substrate now has an adhesive backing that can be used to stick to other surfaces for bonding. This is used instead of a double coated tape. 

Whats the difference between Double Sided Tape and Adhesive Transfer Tape?

One of the things that we feel we should clarify is that double sided tape and adhesive transfer tape are two very different things. Double Sided Tape or Double Coated Tape is essentially a carrier, (usually a plastic of some kind) with adhesive on both sides. This allows for tape to be on both sides of it.

However, some of our customers sometimes confuse double sided tape with adhesive transfer tape. This is because adhesive transfer tape can give the same illusion of double sided tape when applied properly. 

Benefits of an Adhesive Transfer Tape

1. Its simple format allows for the tape to be transported, and/or converted without damaging the adhesive

2. It reduces work time because adhesive can be laminated to products, and then converted quickly instead of using labor intensive liquid adhesive.

3. Cost versus double coated tape is normally a no-brainer. Double Coated Tapes are typically much more expensive.

Examples of Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M 9485PC, 3M 9472, 3M 9472LE, 3M 9471LE, and 3M 467MP are all adhesive transfer tapes that are available. Each type of tape has slightly different properties, including different types of adhesive, or thicker adhesive coatings on the liner.

More Information

Since NEDC is a 3M Converter, we have access to the 3M portfolio of adhesive transfer tapes available. For more information on adhesive transfer tapes, or you would like adhesive backing on your gasket please contact sales@nedc.com.

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