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LCD Gaskets, Touchscreen gaskets

At NEDC, we build a lot of types of gaskets. One of the more common types of gaskets we hear of is LCD Gaskets/Touchscreen Gaskets. They are everywhere now, our phones, McDonalds for ordering, and the grocery store. Typically our customers are looking for either dust sealing, dirt prevention, or moisture sealing. However, many touchscreen gaskets have the capability of absorbing stress, and shock that are commonplace with humans constantly interacting with them. They are normally made of elastomeric materials that can accept impacts, and bangs that the rigid plastic, metal materials will not. 

LCD Gaskets/Touchscreen Gasket Options

As the electronics we utilize continue to get thinner and smaller, the gaskets they employ must also match that by adding versatility. LCD Displays have more gasket requirements than one may think. Gaskets oftentimes go between the bezel, and the screen, or the display and the screen

Some of the products that we utilize for are:

3M VHB Tapes

3M VHB Tapes are a great solution for LCD Gaskets. They can fill a number of different gaps due to the number of thicknesses offered in the VHB Tape portfolio. In fact, there are now thin VHB Tape options available for even thinner electronics. There are different options available to be able to permanently bond to different substrates that may exist on the LCD assembly. In addition, VHB stands up to impacts, and stress that is commonplace in handheld electronics due to its viscoelasticity. 

Rogers PORON® Urethane Foam

Rogers Corporation PORON® has the ability to maintain its form, and seal against dust, particulates and moisture under pressure for continued periods. PORON® is perfect for LCD gasketing applications because it can be a spacer while also providing great gasketing, and cushioning pads. PORON® Urethane is available in a number of thicknesses and densities. This makes PORON® Urethane Foam able to accomodate a number of different applications with ease.

Lamination of LCD Gaskets:

NEDC uses its status as a 3M Converter to laminate tape products to LCD Gaskets. Products such as 3M 467MP, or 3M 9472LE are common choices depending on the surface the LCD Gasket is being applied to. These tapes help in placing the LCD Gaskets down into the assembly without movement. 

More Information:

NEDC die-cuts or otherwise converts LCD Gasketing materials into finished custom LCD Gasket shapes. For more information on gaskets for a touchscreen or other electronic device, please contact

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