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3m 300lse tape

3m 300lse tape, 3m 9472le

NEDC is an authorized distributor and converter of 3M products. 3M has many product lines, the main product lines include:

-VHB Tapes 

-Silicone Transfer Tapes

-Acrylic Transfer Tapes

-Double Sided/Coated Tapes

-Specialty Tapes for Applications, i.e RFI Shielding Tapes, Polyimide Tapes, 

VHB Tape Selection from 3M:

What is VHB Tape?

VHB Tapes are essentially double coated tapes made with an acrylic foam core. This helps absorb energy, and allows it to have stress relaxation that give the tape the ability to stick incredibly well to substrates. 

VHB Tape Selection from 3M is wide, and can seem overwhelming. However, there are countless applications for these tapes. 

Very High Bond (VHB) tape was invented in 1980. Since then, it has been used in applications ranging from gaskets, to permanent fasteners such as rivets, or signage. Overtime, as I have worked at NEDC I have seen some very interesting applications where VHB Tape can provide a competitive, if not better solution than other permanent fasteners.

Types of VHB Tape:

-Flame Retardant VHB Tape

-Low Surface Energy VHB Tape

-Thin/Low Profile VHB Tape

-Unique Surfaces to stick to

Within the VHB Tape family, there is also VHB Transfer Tape. These tapes have similar bonding strength to the normal VHB Tape, but are coated onto a liner.




Across all these different types of VHB Tape, there is usually a tape that will work for an application, one way or another. For more information on VHB Tape, see our VHB Tape page. 

Acrylic Transfer Tapes Selection by 3M Company

What is an Acrylic Transfer Tape?

An acrylic transfer tape is essentially adhesive coated on a liner that is designed to peel off of. This is used in applications where a specific shape, or material is required to stick to something. At NEDC, we adhere many acrylic transfer tapes to many of the materials we sell to customers. Typically, when we see the phrase “adhesive backing”, we know that we can apply tape to the back to provide the customer a “peel and stick” help for their application. 

Common Acrylic Transfer Tapes that NEDC utilizes:

-3M 467MP (my favorite)

-3M 9472 

-3M 9485PC

-3M 9671

Different Types of Acrylic Transfer Tapes:

-High Surface Energy

-Low Surface Energy (300LSE)

-High Temperature/Low Temperature (100MP)

-Solvent/Fuel Resistant

Selection Double Sided Acrylic Tape by 3M Company

What is a Double Sided Tape?

A double sided tape is essentially a tape that has a carrier in between two layers of adhesive. These tapes are utilized in applications where a carrier is required in the application to provide stability. All the tapes we just mentioned above are adhesive coated onto one liner. Imagine instead of coated onto a “liner” it was coated onto a carrier, such as PET.

Some popular options for double coated/sided tapes:

-3M 9731 Double Coated Silicone/Acrylic Tape

-3M 9472LE (this is an extremely popular option- frankly may be the most popular in portfolio)

-3M Membrane Switch Spacers 7945MP, 7961MP, 7957MP

Selection of Silicone Adhesive Tapes by 3M Company

3M also offers an incredible range of silicone adhesive tapes. These tapes are used in applications where adhering to silicone is required, or where an application demands a high temperature tape. Some of the adhesives that 3M offers, and NEDC converts, include:

  • 96042 Double Coated Tape
  • 91022 Transfer Tape

Benefits of Silicone Double Coated Tapes/Silicone Transfer Tapes

-Excellent Resistance to high temps

-Great weather/moisture resistance

Selection of Specialty Tapes by 3M Company

When we talk about specialty tapes, I am oftentimes referring to tapes that are designed for a specific application. These include tapes such as:

-EMI/RFI Shielding Tapes, usually metallic options

-Polyimide Tapes, Low Static, etc.

-Single Coated Foam Tapes such as polyethylene foam

-UHMW Tapes

-PTFE Fiberglass Tape

Since this array of materials is so wide, essentially they are all specialized tapes for specific applications with adhesive coating on one side. 

Note on Shelf Life of Tapes

Many times we get the question, is my tape still good? First off, I’m going say this which I know everyone hates:

It depends.

Most acrylic transfer tapes are good far beyond the shelf life listed on our cert. The reason most shelf life is listed is because in roll form, the adhesive will ooze out of the edges of the roll, and then makes unwinding the tape almost impossible because it all sticks to itself. For more information on this phenomena, here is the Technical Bulletin. 

More Information/Converting:

NEDC can be considered your one-stop shop for 3M Tapes products since NEDC is a 3M converter. Typically, NEDC die-cuts, laser-cuts, and kiss-cuts tapes for customers. NEDC also applies 3M’s tapes to the material before it converts, for ease of use. NEDC has many die cutting machines, and is very experienced in fabricating solutions. If you have an application that you have or would like converted (die-cut), please send sales an email at sales@nedc.com.

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