Fluorosilicone Sponge Gasketing

Fluorosilicone sponge die-cut parts

Fluorosilicone sponge gaskets, blue

In the short time I have been at NEDC, I have been witness to the increasing demands of the aerospace and military applications that we service. Some of the common topics that we discuss in applications are the fluid(s) & temperature(s) that the application may be witness to/a part of. That discussion oftentimes leads into fluid resistance, especially to aggressive fuels that are commonplace in such applications.

When we hear high temperature, we normally jump right to silicone sponges. However, when we learn of fuels being present, a common material that is often considered is fluorosilicone rubber. When that application is also abutted by a need for a compressible gasketing material, the discussion commonly leads to fluorosilicone sponge rubber. The great thing about fluorosilicone sponges is the fact that, while these materials offer great fuel resistance, the material is also comparable to its silicone sponge counterparts in a lot of ways. Some similarities with silicone sponge include high temperature resistance, great weatherability, low compression set, and low water absorption. A commercially-available fluorosilicone sponge, such as Norseal R10490 by Saint Gobain, is oftentimes used. R10490 can be certified to AMS-3323 and MIL-R-6130, Type 2 Grade A. Given the difficulty of expansion with fluorosilicone sponge during manufacturing, the max thickness available is ⅛”(.125”) for R10490. However, if a thicker article is required, it is possible to laminate multiple layers together to achieve the thickness required in an application. Fluorosilicone sponge is utilized in high-demand applications that are produced by the aerospace and military markets, such as high-performance gasketing and cushion pads. The color of fluorosilicone sponge is blue. The standard finish available on the sponge is a fabric finish.

NEDC commonly applies acrylic/silicone PSAs to fluorosilicone sponge. These materials can be die-cut or waterjet-cut in custom shapes with NEDC’s assortment of machines. For more information on fluorosilicone sponge, or if you believe you may have an application that necessitates this material, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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