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New England Die Cutting(NEDC) has been offering solutions through die-cutting, laser-cutting, fabrication/assembly, and waterjet cutting for the past 30 years. NEDC is located in a 70,000 square-foot facility. Offering solutions through high-quality products such as RF absorbers, insulators, thermal pads, tapes, gaskets, and frozen epoxy preforms. NEDC is AS9100D & ISO-9001:2015 certified, and women owned.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting is one of the few methods of cutting. It uses water/pressure to cut precision parts. Benefits include high tolerance, good repeatability, and low setup cost.

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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is another method of cutting high-performance materials. NEDC uses C02 lasers to cut parts into precision shapes. Products include paper, epoxy films, tapes and others.

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Die Cutting

NEDCs core service is die cutting. NEDC uses steel rule dies to cut thermal pads, gaskets, absorbers, electrical insulators, and epoxy films into custom shapes for its customers.

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RF Absorbers

RF/Microwave Absorbers are a core product NEDC provides. These broadband/narrowband absorbers attenuate differing frequencies for high performing electronic enclosures.

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Epoxy Films

Epoxy Films are usually frozen epoxy films that are used to bond together different substrates such as a circuit board with a heat-sink. These films can be thermally or electrically conductive. Sometimes they may be both.

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Gaskets represent a great majority of NEDCs business. This includes foam, sponge, and solid gaskets. In addition, NEDC uses multiple machines to configure gaskets to combination gaskets, ladder gaskets, connector gaskets and more.

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Electrical Insulators

NEDC converts electrically insulating materials into unique custom shapes. Paper, thermal interface pads, and gasketing materials are just a few materials used to isolate electronics from other components in assemblys.

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All of the information presented above is believed to be factual and accurate; however, NEDC is not liable for any design or application utilizing this information.

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