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At NEDC, we work with many “Fortune 500″ companies and major defense prime contractors. We know that our products are used in the field where peoples lives are at stake and there is no room for error. Our MIL-DTL-83528E approved materials can be used in all current military applications and offer excellent EMI shields as well as environmental seals. Galvanic compatibility is ensured by using one of the many materials that we offer.



The aerospace industry is another major industry that we proudly serve. We work with both manufacturers for the industry as well as product distributors. Our products are often used on both military and commercial aircrafts. A tight seal is not an option on a plane as it soars to the highest altitudes and deals with all the elements, and we guarantee that will not be a problem when using our products.


Medical Center

In the medical industry, it is essential that our products perform as they are supposed to. Our conductive elastomer materials offer excellent shielding capabilities in medical applications and also offer excellent environmental sealing to eliminate dust and foreign particle contamination. Galvanic compatibility is ensured by using one of the many materials that we offer.



It could be a an electronic panel that needs to be die cut or a fixture that needs a gasket to seal the hardware tightly. No matter what it is, we work with various electronics companies to find solutions to their toughest challenges. Our equipment can produce small parts with the correct tolerances to make sure that our product lines up exactly with our customer’s needs.

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