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At NEDC, manufacturing pads is one of the main products we manufacture. More to the point, NEDC manufactures vibration damping pads. In our everyday lives, vibration is everywhere- in the car, machines running, fans, and other conditions. These pads absorb mechanical energy out of an application. Many times customers will come to us asking for a material to suggest for an application that requires vibration damping. 

Why is Vibration Damping Such a Problem?

As mentioned above, vibration damping is a necessity. Ruggedizing equipment that is present in our lives is a major priority.  Equipment that needs ruggedization is everywhere. A speaker that you bring out to the poolside needs to be ruggedized. A Cell Phone is ruggedized. It can go on, and on. 

Picture this:

You’re on a road trip, and your cellphone is sitting on the center console. The car is making small micro vibrations because the tires don’t absorb all the energy coming from the friction between the road, and the wheels. Over 30,000 miles of that same phone sitting on the center console, you need something to absorb the impact- and you don’t want it to be the electronics in the phone. For this reason, many precautions are taken in the phone to absorb the micro impacts that are happening over, and over. These materials are helping to damping the vibration. 

Materials to Think About for Vibration Damping

SORBOTHANE- the ultimate vibration damping material.

SORBOTHANE is a viscoelastic polyurethane material manufactured by Sorbothane. This materials ability to absorb shock is truly amazing. Manufactured by SORBOTHANE, this material is probably the king of vibration damping, and shock absorption all in one, with its super elastic nature. 

PORON Urethane Foam – the workhorse of industrial polyurethane

PORON is often used for vibration damping. There are a number of industrial polyurethane PORON materials to choose from to absorb vibration. PORON is made by Rogers Corporation. 

Silicone Sponge Products

Silicone Sponge is another great damping material. We suggest its closed cell structure to absorb vibration in a number of applications. 

Silicone Foam Rubber

Silicone Foam Products are often used as a vibration damping material. We used all sorts of BISCO, and Saint Gobain products when customers are inquiring about vibration damping. 

Thermal Gap Filler Pads

NEDC die cuts a number of thermal gap pads that are a gel like consistency. These pads do a good job at absorbing shock, and damping vibrations. Their soft nature, and high thermal conductivity also make them great as a thermal interface material as well. 

A Separate Type of Mechanical Energy to Absorb: Shock

At NEDC, we manufacture vibration damping pads. However, we also manufacture pads that absorb shock. These are often very different types of materials. A good example is, I was in a tree stand the other day. I dropped my range finder from 18 feet in the air. I thought in the back of my mind.. I payed $300 for this range finder, it better have been tested to some mil spec standard such as MIL-STD-810 for drop impact resistance.

The same materials that are mentioned above, are also good options for shock absorption. 

Sure enough, my range finder was fine, and still works great. 

More Info 

As is true with most of the materials that NEDC sells, we can apply an adhesive tape to customers parts for them to have an easier time assembling. For more information on vibration damping pads, or shock absorption pads, or you believe you have an application that could utilize them please contact sales@nedc.com.