fluorosilicone gaskets

fluorosilicone gaskets

Fluorosilicone(FVMQ) is one of the materials that has many uses in the industry. Any die-cutter worth their weight is familiar with it. The high cost reflects its customizability, and versatility. Fluorosilicone is the blue gold of the industry. Fluorosilicone typically comes in a standard blue color as many know in industry. This polymer is known to cost many times more than its silicone rubber counterpart. However, the cost is often worth the difference given its high level of solvent resistance, in addition to the many of the great properties of silicone rubber.

Fluorosilicone Solid Rubber

Fluorosilicone Solid Rubber is typically used in gasketing applications. It becomes a go-to solution when compression force is a luxury, and solvent resistance is required. However, there are some times it is also used as an electrical insulator. It comes in durometers ranging from 20-80. The thicknesses range from as thin as .010’’ to as thick as .500’’ thick. It is good to keep in mind that while fluorosilicone is typically blue it can be provided in different custom colors. In addition, solid o-rings are fabricated by bonding fluorosilicone cord stock together.


-MIL-R-25988, Grades 40-70, Type II, Class I 

-AMS-DTL-25988, Grades 40-70 Type II, Class I

-AMS-3325, Fuel/Oil Resistant (55-65 durometer)

-AMS-3326, Fuel/Oil Resistant (50-65 durometer)

-AMS-3327, Fuel/Oil Resistant (70-80 durometer)

-AMS-3328, Fuel/Oil Resistant (35-45 durometer)

Fluorosilicone Sponge Rubber

Fluorosilicone is available as a closed cell sponge rubber. The closed-cell nature excludes intrusions by unwanted solvents/liquids. As with most materials specifications are available. Fluorosilicone sponge comes in a few available densities, soft-medium, medium, medium-firm, and firm. This depends on what manufacturer the fluorosilicone sponge is procured from. This requires some pressure to get an adequate seal. In addition, fluorosilicone sponge extrusions are also available from other manufacturers. 



-MIL-R-6130 Type 2, Grade A, B, C (excluding flame resistance)

-ASTM D6576 Type 2, Grade A, B, C (excluding flame resistance)

Electrically Fluorosilicone Conductive Rubber

The MIL-DTL-83528 has a few fluorosilicone offerings. These include Type D, Type F, Type C. Respectively, the fillers are silver/aluminum, pure silver, and silver-copper. Each Type provides different levels of shielding. The pairing of fluorosilicone and a conductive filler provides a solvent & jet fuel resistant gasketing solution that also solves EMI issues. 

Type D- Silver/Aluminum, 90 dB @ 10 GHz, 75 Durometer. Type D material is very often used in military connector gaskets. 

Type F- Pure Silver, 110 dB @ 10 GHz, 75 Durometer

Type C- Silver/Copper, 110 dB @ GHz, 75 Durometer

More Information: 

NEDC die-cuts, and waterjet-cuts fluorosilicone gaskets into custom shapes. These gaskets above are available with a tape backing. For more information on fluorosilicone products or you feel you have an application that may be able to utilize fluorosilicone, please contact sales@nedc.com

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