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At NEDC, tapes are a common product we die-cut. At 3M, they are all about fasteners and solutions. They have many solutions for fasteners, permanent, and non-permanent. One of the most prominent fasteners is the reclosable Dual Lock™ Tapes. They are a convenient solution for permanent fasteners. The mushroom heads allow for interlocking of the products.  These mushrooms, and stems are made out of polyolefin material. These fastening systems offer five times the tensile strength of standard hook and loop products. 

How does Dual Lock work?

-Stems flex while the mushrooms slide beside/past each other.

-The mushroom heads pass the bottom of the other mushroom head.

-An audible clicking sound “SNAPs” the mushroom heads into place, providing confirmation the engagement of the interlocking has occurred.

Combinations of stem density combinations can yield different levels of strength of the engagement of the attachment. Below is listed the level of attachments from strong to strongest:

Strongest:  250:400

Stronger: 250:250 or 170:400

Strong: 170:250

dual lock interlock

interlocked mushrooms, graphic credit 3M Company

dual lock mushroom

plain mushrooms/stems, graphic credit 3M Company

 Applications of Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners

In our everyday lives there are many examples of Dual Lock being used. For example, in my car I have an EZPass Toll Transponder like many people. The way EZPass is held onto my front windshield is through Dual Lock SJ3560. I have had the car for 2 years now, and have not had any issues. I don’t even know the Dual Lock is there.

Other applications include:

-Boat Cushions

-Acoustic Panel Attachment

-Keyboard Attachments

-Signage, and Displays

Popular Types of Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners 

There are many different types of Dual Lock™ configurations:

3M Product# | Adhesive Backing | Type | Color

SJ3550 | White Acrylic | Type 250 | Black – foam tape

SJ3551 | White Acrylic | Type 400 | Black – foam tape

SJ3552 | White Acrylic | Type 170 | Black

SJ3560 | Clear Acrylic | Type 250 | Clear

SJ4570 | Low Surface Energy Acrylic | Low Profile | Clear

Of course, there are other Dual Lock™ configurations available. 3M has dozens of configurations available for different applications. 

How to Apply Dual Lock™:

  1. Make sure both surfaces are cleaned thoroughly that are the concern of attachment. This can be done through 50/50 IPA/Water solution, or other cleaning solutions. Priming is sometimes necessary on certain surfaces. In addition, abrading the surface with something like a Scotch-Brite® pad may be a good idea to help with adhesion. Finally, make sure this service has been completely dried of any liquid/moisture. 
  2. Remove liner of piece 1. 
  3. Apply Dual Lock tape to attachment 1.
  4. Remove liner of piece 2.
  5. Apply Dual lock tape to attachment 2.
  6. Click together both attachments with Dual Lock and ensure you hear the notable SNAP.

Suggestions for Die-Cut Tolerancing:

With Dual Lock™ it is good to keep in mind that you are cutting plastic mushrooms along with the adhesive tape in one cut strike. With that said, the below tolerances are pretty open- we understand that. These are some suggestions when making a print for a die-cutter to fabricate. 

Dimension Tolerance
<1’’ +/- .020’’
<5’’ +/- .030’’
<12’’ +/- .040’’
12’’+ +/- .050’’

More information/Availability on Dual Lock™

As an authorized 3M Converter, NEDC manufactures small die-cut parts for a variety of applications. Many of these products come in a standard roll format. For more information on Dual Lock™ adhesive tapes please contact sales@nedc.com


Technical Bulletin on 3M™ Dual Lock™

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