thermal pad tackle box

thermal pad tackle box

At NEDC, we are all about thermal. We enjoy making new sales tools to help customers design thermal interface pads into their applications. 

Why use this Sales Tool?

This thermal pad tackle box allows the user to try different thermal pads. In this kit, we have 5 different types of pads at three different thicknesses, .040’’, .080’’ , .125’’ . The different thicknesses allow customers to evaluate a few things:

  1. An idea of how squishy a thermal pad really is. At .040’’ or below, I always find its tough to evaluate how compliant a pad really is. At thicker thicknesses, I’ve always thought its easier.
  2. If the customer puts the thermal pad in the application, getting an idea of compression versus thermal performance may require a few attempts, at roughly .040’’ increments, it’s a pretty good spread to try.

The Materials In This Kit:

Gap Pad 5000S35 aka GAP PAD TGP 5000

Gap Pad HC5.0 aka GAP PAD TGP HC5000


Gap Pad 1500 aka GAP PAD TGP 1500

Gap Pad 3500ULM aka GAP PAD TGP 3500ULM

Where can I buy this Sales Tool?

We listed it on our Shopify store for purchase. It may take a few days for the box to ship, as its handled by a different department than handles our typical orders due the low dollar sell.

More Information

NEDC manufactures thermal pads for aerospace, military, and electronic oriented customers. NEDC die-cuts, knife-cuts, and waterjet-cuts For more information on thermal pads, please contact

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