RF/Microwave Absorbers

NEDC manufactures RF/Microwave absorbers into custom shapes through die-cutting, and waterjet cutting. Microwave absorbers have been used in military applications since their inception. However, more and more microwave absorbers are used in commercial applications. As electronics become more ubiquitous, these absorbers allow for more demanding performance in an ever connected world. These materials are used to suppress EMI inside electronic enclosures. Oftentimes electronics can cause cavity resonances inside of electronic enclosures. Different types of microwave absorbers can be employed to attenuate the signal. 

NEDC commonly deals with elastomeric like absorbing materials. These materials are used to remove unwanted, or stray radiation that could be problematic to the system. Manufacturers design different absorber materials to withstand different environments. Oftentimes silicone rubber is the binder material, but other materials such as nitrile, neoprene, and urethane can be used. These materials are filled with ferrous materials. The fillers are added to remove the radiation in application. Some common manufacturers of these products include Laird, 3M, Mast Technologies, Cuming Microwave, and others. Different manufacturers offer different options for different applications including high-temp, different frequency requirements, and assembly options. NEDC cuts microwave absorbers as thin as .010’’ to as thick as .250’’.
As mentioned earlier, RF/Microwave absorbers oftentimes come with an adhesive backing to aid in assembly. However, RTV(room-temperature vulcanization) adhesives are also used. There are many types of absorbers but NEDC mostly deals with magnetic absorbers. For more information on RF/microwave absorbers please contact sales@nedc.com.