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  1. Accuracy and Reliability of information presented on website. NEDC makes its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of all the data presented on this website. Despite this, NEDC does not make any guarantees of the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of data, advice, or information presented here within. Furthermore, NEDC does not accept liability for any party taking advantage or utilizing this information presented here within. The information presented here within is only for reference, not for sole use. If there is something on this website you believe to be inaccurate, please let us know.
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  3. External Linking. This website often uses external links for more thorough information. When this does occur, NEDC does not accept liability for where those links may lead, and what is acquired from those links. If you or your organization is concerned about the safety of those links, please contact us. Although we do our best to ensure the safety of any links on our website, NEDC does not have control over what other webmasters or other entities do with their websites, and thus does not accept liability.
  4. Amendments. NEDC reserves the right to amend anything presented on this website at any time. As always, nothing on this website is guaranteed to be accurate. Your application and research is the responsibility of you and your organization alone.
  5. Availability. Some discussions on this website may lead to the belief that certain products or services are always available. However, presence of or reference to products or services on this website does not guarantee current nor future availability. We make our best efforts to ensure all products and services mentioned are available for quote, but none are guaranteed.
  6. Application Suitability. Many facets of an application that are only privy to the user can affect the performance of products and materials described here within. Given the number of factors that the user has sole knowledge of, this makes the user solely responsible for evaluating the suitability of the products described here within.
  7. Shelf Life. Any discussion of shelf life on this website refers to the very best storage conditions, and the recommendations passed down from material manufacturers. Each material is unique and should be treated as such in regards to the conditions it is stored at. These conditions may include a number of factors that may contain but are not limited to, humidity, temperature, and light sensitivity requirements.
  8. Use of Data. Our contact forms store data and also email is a remote email address. The user click(s) acknowledging this. Some of the data you are giving us is anonymous data. Lastly, there are social media buttons that do not store data on this website.
  9. Use of Website. When using this website, you are accepting all statements above. If you do not accept the statements above, do not use this website.
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