Silicone Foam, Silicone Sponge LED Gaskets

Silicone Foam, Silicone Sponge LED Gaskets

At NEDC we are a manufacturer of all types of gaskets. One of the main types of products our gaskets go into is LED lighting fixtures. To be certain, many types of our products go into LED lighting fixtures. Our gaskets, our thermal pads, and our electrical insulators go into them. In this blog, we discuss our gaskets.

The outdoors can be tough and stressful on the sealing of these fixtures. In New England, we see all sorts of weather, snow, rain, sunshine/humidity (mostly in the summer), and some pretty windy days. With the wind-chill during winter, it can turn pretty darn cold. These gaskets are expected to perform day in, and day out.

Types of Sealing Challenges for LED Gaskets:

These LED lighting fixtures can include:

-Street Lights

-Internal housing lights

-LED Enclosures

-LED Bezels

Different Types of Sealing Solutions for LED Gaskets:

At NEDC our most common solution for these applications usually involves our trusty friend, in silicone rubber. These silicone rubbers include silicone foam, silicone sponge, and silicone solid solutions. Silicone is incredibly reliable due to its low compression set, its great humidity resistance, and its environmental properties. In addition, silicone is widely known for its extreme temperature resistance.

Converting Methods:

At NEDC, we have several different types of machines to cut/convert LED Gaskets. We utilize a combination of waterjet cutting, and die-cutting to be able to cut gaskets into custom shapes required by our customers. At NEDC, we manufacture gaskets to customer-supplied drawings. The type of material, and the customer-supplied drawing may change the method of cutting used.

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