ablefilm material

ablefilm material

NEDC is a converter of frozen epoxy films to make custom preforms for customers to buy. For that reason, NEDC has many frozen films in stock. These include:

Ablefilm 5025E

Ablefilm 561K

Ablefilm CF3350

Ablefilm 566K

And others.

We wanted to just get it out there on the internet that NEDC has many films in stock. If you have a question about a film we have in stock, we also have access to many other types of films for bonding uses. NEDC can be considered your trusted source for Ablefilm and other film products! 

Why use NEDC as your Frozen Epoxy Film Suppliers?

We keep a reliable stock, and continuously update them on a live spreadsheet. We have a list of fresh stocked products to keep a reliable shelf life in stock as well. When you get your film products, you will receive the OEM cert, along with it shipped, delivered in dry ice, or cold packs.

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