ablefilm cf3350

ablefilm cf3350

At NEDC, we cut epoxy preforms films regularly through die-cutting and laser-cutting. Oftentimes, our customers utilize a preform material they have used before. Ablefilm 5025E is a common material we see customers utilize. However, we also see customers utilize different preform materials when some needs are met:

Reasons to Try Ablefilm CF3350 Instead:

  1. Bigger Envelope Size is required that typical Ablefilm 5025E sheets don’t accommodate.
  2. Customers are looking for a lower price point to meet their internal goals.
  3. Are looking for a longer shelf life product.
  4. Are looking for ways to automate their process through bigger sheet sizes, increasing yield, and ability to keep machines/operators running longer.

When these needs are raised as a concern, a great solution is to utilize CF3350 Epoxy Film from Henkel as an alternative. CF3350 provides all of the great characteristics of 5025E, while also providing the 4 benefits above. Again, similar to 5025E, it comes with a silver filler package loaded into an epoxy film. We have provided both datasheets below for ease of quick comparison. 

Case Study:

We had a customer utilizing 5025E for years for many applications. However, their new project required a lower price point. We suggested CF3350 to help accommodate their goals. They were able to incorporate CF3350 into an ECO after doing internal testing with their circuit board. 

After prelimnary testing, and a review from engineeering they were able to lower their price point while trying something new.

More Information/Availability:

This material comes in a classic gray-tan appearance similar to Ablefilm 5025E. It comes in thicknesses of 2 or 4 mils(along with other custom thicknesses). The shelf life of CF3350 is 9 months from the Date of Manufacture. CF3350 has been tested for outgassing for TML, and CVCM of .16, and .03 % respectively at 0.5 hrs @ 150 degrees celsius. NEDC die-cuts, and laser-cuts Ablefilm Preforms into shapes ranging from complex to simple.  For more information regarding CF3350 Epoxy Film, or you believe your application could utilize CF3350 or another type of epoxy preform film material, please contact

Datasheet Download for Ablefilm 5025E

Datasheet Download for Ablefilm CF3350

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