Adhesive Film, Ablefilm® 561E Sheet and Preforms

Adhesive Film, Ablefilm® 561E Sheet and Preforms

NEDC offers many types of materials, including electrically insulating materials, thermally conductive materials, and electrically conductive materials. A brand that deals with all of those types of materials in adhesive film form is Henkel Adhesive Films. These materials can be helpful in situations where complexity is accentuated by part size, part intricacy, and dissimilar substrates. Henkel’s Ablefilm® line can provide a creative, cost effective solution to problems that may arise in situations that are complicated by these factors. NEDC die­cuts and laser­cuts preforms for Ablefilm® materials.

There are generally two different types of materials that the Ablefilm® brand offers. One is the electrically conductive films, and the other is electrically insulating films. Of course, there are many different variations of Ablefilms available, some with more peel adhesion strength, or some being more thermally conducting than others. The advantages of Henkel Adhesive Films are numerous. They include a uniform bond line, consistent thickness throughout the bond, and a clean, neat film. Conventional adhesives can be problematic, considering they may cause flow issues such as air pockets. The materials below only focus on the Ablestik brand.

Thermally Conductive Ablefilm® Films

Electrically Conductive Ablefilm® Films

It is good to note that these films create a permanent bond. One of the big advantages of using Ablefilm® materials is the ease of use that they offer, i.e., cleaner, simpler, and many times, more effective. It is important to note that Ablefilm® materials often have extremely controlled thicknesses in order to accommodate uniform bonds that are consistent through the attachment.

Ablefilm® materials are quite versatile in their applications. For example, 5025E has many applications such as bonding circuit boards to heatsinks or bonding fluoropolymer circuits to other metal substrates. NEDC is able to provide die­cut and laser­cut preforms for the materials listed above. It is notable that the adhesive films listed above do require cure schedules for functional use; this can be found at their appropriate datasheets at the Henkel Adhesives website.

Lastly, storage conditions are very important for epoxy-based frozen materials. For this reason, NEDC is able to store, and ship under stringent temperature requirements. For more information regarding Ablefilm® products by Henkel or for a quotation on a converted part, please contact

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