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Gap Filler TGF 3600

Gap Filler TGF 3600, tubes

At NEDC, some say we are experts in thermal gap pads. We are also experts in liquid gap filler materials. So much in fact, we actually distribute both. One of the materials we like a lot, and will be highlighted in an upcoming video is TGF 3600, or otherwise/previously known as GF3500S35. 

Properties of GF3500S35/TGF 3600:

Some facts about GF3500S35, and why you should choose it for your next thermal application!

-Thermal Conductivity: 3.6 W/m-K

-Two Component Liquid

-5 Month Shelf Life* its best to buy to buy brand new if you can help it.

-Great flexibility, and wet-out that not only addresses CTE imbalances, but also improved thermal performance.

Part Numbers/Nomenclature:





Why go with NEDC?

Well first, we are an authorized distributor of this Bergquist material, GF3500S35/TGF 3600

Second, we are going be the most transparent vendor- you will get the cert from Bergquist/Henkel to the batch we bought, that includes shelf life. We know that you may have shelf life requirements, and we will make sure you get that. 

Third, we are AS9120 certified. It’s a distributor certification. 

More Information

NEDC die-cuts, and waterjet-cuts thermal interface pads. In addition, NEDC distributes thermal interface pads, in addition to thermal interface liquids. For more information on liquid gap filler materials, (or thermal gap pads) you have questions related to them, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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