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NEDC Sealing Solutions has been offering solutions through die-cutting, laser-cutting, molding, fabrication/assembly, and waterjet cutting for the past 30 years. NEDC has evolved from a garage with a few manual die-cutting machines to a 70,000 square foot facility facilitating solutions through high quality products such as EMI/RFI absorbers, insulators, thermal pads, tapes, gaskets, and epoxy preforms. NEDC Sealing Solutions now deals with military, medical, aerospace, and consumer markets. 

NEDC is an SBA, woman-owned business located in Methuen, Massachusetts. It employs over 55 people. Its strengths are emphasized through its employees, experience, service, and commitment to quality. NEDC is ITAR Registered, AS-9100D certified, and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Through these different certifications NEDC offers a superior quality system for its products that it offers. Its Cage Code is 1FY32. For more information on NEDC, feel free to contact sales@nedc.com.


NEDC was started in 1982 in a space similar to the size of a garage in the brick building located on River Street in Haverhill, MA. NEDCs superior customer service and quality quickly added to the customer base. Kimberly and David Abare purchased the business in 1999. In 2003, NEDC moved to new location that offered a larger space to expand manufacturing. Shortly, after Kimberly Abare became the majority owner in NEDC, making NEDC a woman-owned business. At this new location, NEDC added waterjet cutting capabilities, and expanded into manufacturing EMI products.

In 2015, after increasing the size of manufacturing again, it was decided NEDC would move into a new building. 

Finally, at the end of 2015, NEDC moved into 96 Milk Street in Methuen, MA. This added nearly 4 times the manufacturing space.  Today, NEDC continues to add to its capabilities, and still serves the same mission of providing high-performance gaskets, thermal pads, absorbers, and insulators.

Methuen, MA Milk St.
River Street, Haverhill MA

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