Henkel’s Bergquist Thermal Materials

Henkel IconNEDC Sealing Solutions converts Henkel’s Bergquist Thermal Materials into finished parts.

Gap Pad®

Gap Pad is a gap filler between electronics and heat sinks as a thermal interface. The benefit of Gap Pad is that it may conform to the different surfaces and textures that may be present in electronic applications. Gap Pad may be used to fill air gaps, inconsistent surface topography, and other odd surfaces. The benefits it provides are:

  • Low-stress vibration dampening
  • Elimination of air gaps to reduce thermal resistance
  • High conformability to reduce interfacial resistance

There are many varieties of Gap Pad, all of which NEDC converts. A few examples of different Gap Pads that are offered, this list is not exhaustive, but is certainly wide reaching:

  • Gap Pad VO
  • Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft
  • Gap Pad VO Soft
  • Gap Pad 1500S30
  • Gap Pad 1500
  • Gap Pad 2000S40
  • Gap Pad 5000S35
  • Gap Pad 2200SF

As well as offering a significant amount of varieties of Gap Pad, Henkel also offers most of them in a wide range of thicknesses. Some Gap Pads are available with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) as well. NEDC offers die-cutting (converting) services with all of these different types of Gap Pads. For more information on Gap Pad, please visit Henkel’s website.

Sil Pad®

Sil Pad is a thermally conductive insulator that has a wide reaching use in different applications. The benefits of Sil Pad include:

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Eliminates the trouble from grease
  • More durable than mica
  • It has an efficient cost structure

Sil Pad has a long list of varieties, all of these different types of Sil Pad have different qualities and benefits. Once again, this list is not exhaustive but equally far reaching:

  • Sil Pad 400
  • Sil Pad 800
  • Sil Pad 980
  • Sil Pad A1500
  • Sil Pad 1200
  • Sil Pad 2000
  • Sil Pad A2000
  • Poly-Pad 400

While offering a long list of different types of Sil Pad Products, Henkel also offers some of these thermally conductive materials with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.) NEDC offers die-cutting (converting) services for Henkel materials, including Sil Pad. For more information on Sil Pad please visit Henkel’s website.


Hi-Flow is a thermally conductive material that serves as a phase change material. Hi-Flow is useful in applications requiring a replacement for grease as a thermal interface between CPU or power devices and a heat sink. The benefits of Hi-Flow material include:

  • A replacement to grease, with the benefit of saving time and money
  • Easy handling, not tacky at room temperature
  • Simplified application process with many tabbed configurations

While Henkel Company puts out a significant amount of different Hi-Flows, it’s important to name a few:

  • Hi-Flow 105
  • Hi-Flow 225F-AC
  • Hi Flow-225U
  • Hi-Flow 650P
  • Hi-Flow 4000

As well as having a lot of varieties of Hi-Flow, Henkel also has a variety of thicknesses for this material. Some of the Hi-Flows can be provided with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive). NEDC offers die-cutting (converting) services for Henkel materials, including Hi-Flow. For more information on Hi-Flow materials please visit Henkel’s website.

Note: All the information for this article was recorded from Henkel’s official website. Any use of the materials above should be tested in the application before practical use. NEDC is not liable for use of the above product in the application. Any use and performance of products differ from application to application. It is strongly encouraged you carry out your own trials to determine if these products listed above are practical in your application.