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At NEDC, we sell gaskets, lots of them. I would love nothing better than to sell a fully loaded pure silver gasket. Love it. However, I’ll be honest, I don’t think that’s necessary most times. When customers have all the money in the world to spend, sometimes I wish they wouldn’t spend it on a pure silver gasket. Heres the reasons why:

Classifications of Commercial EMI/RFI Gaskets for EMC Requirements

I consider Commercial EMI Gaskets any gasket that is not part of the MIL-DTL-83528. Some EMI/RFI Requirements for commercial applications are:

Specifications/Requirements for Commercial EMI/RFI Gasketing

Title 47 CFR Part 15- Radio frequency devices, i.e auditory assistance device,  CB receivers, 

(Class A (business), and B (personal use) digital devices)

Title 47 CFR Part 25- Satellite Communications

Title 47 CFR Part 18- Industrial, medical, and scientific equipment

RTCA-DO-160- EMI Test Standard for Commercial Electronics

IEEE STD-299 Method for Measuring Effectiveness of EMI Shielding Enclosures

These include gaskets such as:

-Nickel Graphite (Ni/C) dispersed in a Silicone rubber matrix

-Nickel Graphite (Ni/C) dispersed in a Fluorosilicone rubber matrix

-Nickel Aluminum (Ni/Al) dispersed in a Fluorosilicone rubber matrix

-Nickel Aluminum (Ni/Al) dispersed in a Silicone rubber matrix 

What is the MIL-DTL-83528 specification?

MIL-DTL-83528 is a military specification that lays out different compositions, and performance metrics of EMI/RFI gasketing to be utilized in military applications. These gaskets are verified with a modified version of the MIL-DTL-285 specification.  

Reasons to Look At Commercial EMI/RFI Gaskets

Customers tend to believe that EMI/RFI shielding elastomers performance, and cost is directly correlated. With many things that is true, however in the case of EMI/RFI gaskets, many times trying a more economic alternative such as Nickel Graphite can be a good thing to try. 

  1. For example, Nickel Graphite EMI/RFI gaskets are often shown to have better, or similar shielding effectiveness performance to silver aluminum EMI/RFI gaskets.
  2. Commercial EMI/RFI Gaskets are much less expensive, and have much wider availability than their MIL-DTL-83528 (military counterparts).
  3. Nickel Graphite, & Nickel Aluminum Gaskets can be modified without changing their military specification for small modifications.

More Information on Commercial EMI/RFI Gasketing

NEDC die-cuts, waterjet-cuts, and otherwise converts EMI/RFI Gasketing materials into completely finished die-cut parts. For more information on EMI Gasketing, please contact

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