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Electrically conductive gaskets and extrusions

Electrically conductive gaskets and extrusions

There are some applications that require a gasket that is non-negotiable.

When we say non-negotiable what we mean is a gasket that cannot be changed because the certain requirements of the application dictate this type of material, such as a certain volume resistivity requirement. We often get customers who will ask for a gasket that is a more economical version, but they still require great performance. These customers typically have a little wiggle room in the performance arena. Oftentimes, these same customers will ask for our proven nickel-coated graphite-filled silicone, CE-007.

Performance of our Nickel Coated Graphite Silicone Elastomer

This product features a durometer of 65 Shore A, and great shielding effectiveness(dBs) over a range of temperatures (-55° C to 160° C). What a lot of customers do not realize is that Nickel-Graphite offers incredible galvanic corrosion resistance. This offers a significant advantage that has been tested by salt spray exposure in contact with aluminum flanges. Our CE-007’s DC volume resistivity has a maximum value of .100 ohm-cm. Despite this high value, nickel-coated graphite particles offer a great absorbing characteristic that make it an effective cost alternative for EMI solutions. CE-007 offers a value of 50 dBs of attenuation at 200 kHz in the magnetic field (H-field). The temperature range of CE-007 is impressive, with a range of 160° C to -55° C. CE-007 is an economical and formidable substitute for its silver-filled aluminum counterparts. This material is ozone resistant, and seals at high temperatures. The color of CE-007 is a charcoal dark-gray.

It is important to note that while nickel-coated graphite offers exceptional sealing and shielding properties, it is not covered in the MIL-DTL-83528.

However, despite not being listed on the MIL-DTL-83528, CE-007 is tested in accordance with the test methods outlined in the specification.

Typical Applications of our Nickel-Coated Graphite-filled Silicone

  • Telecommunication
  • Defense electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Connectors
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Marine Applications
  • Other commercial applications


Overall, our nickel-graphite filled silicone offers a good balance of shielding and sealing properties, and can be used from to make products ranging from a commercial EMI/RFI shielding gasket to Defense electronics.

CE-007 can be provided with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive)*. CE-007 is available in sheet form, die-cuts, extrusions, connector gasket, waterjet-cuts, and o-rings. For more information on nickel-coated graphic please contact sales@nedc.com. For a data sheet on CE-007, please explore our extensive line of EMI/RFI shielding elastomers.

*It is important to note that with lamination, NEDC only certifies the material for 12 months from DOS; without lamination, this material exhibits a long shelf life of 20 years in the correct storage conditions.

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