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At NEDC, we manufacture an incredible array of applications. In today’s blog, I thought I’d talk about something we’ve all interacted with at some point. In today’s world, we are trying to have the data at our fingerprints all the time. Some of these mobile devices that help us detect, and confirm data in the field include:

Applications for Mobile Data Devices:



-Calibration Devices


-Meters/Monitoring Systems

-Tablets, handheld PCs

In many of these handheld devices, they are required to be ruggedized. This is because when they are in the field, they are expected, and engineered to be dropped, left in the rain, and left in poor weather including hot, and cold temperatures.

What does Ruggedized Mean?

Ruggedized Devices means it has been engineered, and manufactured to be durable, and strong in the face of the environments that are out there. 

Ruggedization Specifications 

The famous NEMA IP Ratings (we wrote a blog on that, and gaskets uses in them)

MIL-DTL-810 (covers fungus, drops, humidity, shock, temperature stresses)

I.safe MOBILE (meaning explosion-proof mobile communication devices in hazardous areas i.e intrinsically safe equipment)


What Products Do We Offer that Support these Goals?

As mentioned above, these types of mobile devices are put through a number of stresses:

Gaskets: Materials such as PORON, Silicone Sponge, Neoprene Sponge, Electrically Conductive Gasketing,  all can come together to form strong gasketing materials to allow these devices to be shielded from the elements. Gasketing can be required in a number of forms to prevent water, air, or even EMI signals to enter the portable data devices. Specifications: ASTM D6576, ASTM D1056, MIL-DTL-83528, etc.

Pads: Many pads are put in place to take up room in an application. These pads help support vibration dampening by taking up the space air would have, and when a device gets dropped, it allow the stress to be absorbed by the sponge instead of the sensitive electronics that may be in the device. Silicone Sponge, Neoprene Sponge, PORON again are all good things to review. Specifications: ASTM D1056, ASTM D6576, MIL-R-46089, etc.

Thermal Pads: Thermal Pads can remove heat out the application. Devices left in the sun can become incredibly hot, and cooling them down to maintain the longevity of the tool is important. In addition, they can serve as spacers for the absorption of shock, and vibration that may be present in some of the applications we have discussed. 

More Information

NEDC does custom die cutting, waterjet cutting, and knife-cutting for customers. For more information on portable data devices such as analyzers, and detectors for mobile use, please contact sales@nedc.com

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