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circuit card

The TIM world is like the big bang.. It moves, and expands faster than ever. The reasoning for this is the fact that clock rates continue to expand and move even more rapidly. In this world, graphite is a TIM of choice because of a few features.

  1. Its available in thin cross sections. REMEMBER “ THIN TO WIN” 
  2. The thermal conductivity is incredible in contrast to other TIM materials.
  3. It compresses, and is very conformable in compression applications.
  4. Its not sticky, and hassle free to clean up- although they are a one time use.

TGON 800 Performance

NEDC has been die-cutting flexible graphite TGON Electrically Conductive Gap Filler Pads for a long time. As an example to the thermal conductivity that I was pointing out earlier; the biggest selling point, in the XY plane is 240 W/mK… 240 W/m-K. In the Z-axis, its 5 W/m-K. Normally I’d put this in the availability section for our blog posts.. But this graphite is unique because it comes in .005’’, .010’’, and .020’’ which is on the thinner side of thermal pad availability. For the customers/design engineers looking for their reliable V0 products. All thicknesses of TGON 800 is rated for UL 94 V0. In addition, it has a good TML, and CVCM for outgassing ASTM E595 tested. 


TGON 805, .005’’ +/- .001’’ (.13mm)

TGON 810, .010’’ +/- .001’’ (.25mm)

TGON 820, .020’’ +/- .002’’  (.51mm)

Applications for TGON 800 Series

-ANYTHING electronic

-Power Supplies/Batteries

-Electrical Grounding (finding an electrically conductive thermal pad is harder than you think)


TGON comes in an “A1” designation for adhesive one side options. Sheet sizes come in a standard of 12’’ x 18’’. However, you are able to get the sheets in the larger 18’’ x 24’’ sizes. TGON 800 comes in the natural pewter graphite color. This is good when it comes to assembly. NEDC die-cuts these pads on a regular basis. For more information on thermal interface pads, or TIM (thermal interface materials) please contact


Datasheet Download for TGON Electrically Conductive Gap Filler Pads

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