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bond-ply thermally conductive tape


At NEDC, double-sided tapes are a common material we deal with. Essentially a double-sided tape is material that has adhesive on both sides. This is with a carrier in the middle of two adhesive coatings of material. In some cases, thermal conductivity is a requirement on these materials. Bond-Ply is a thermally Conductive tape that is a commonly used solution for those type applications. Bond-Ply has a competitive price point and lots of options of availability. These thermal interface pads are widely used across the industry for different mounting applications.

Properties of Bond-Ply Thermally Conductive Tapes

Bond-Ply is a one part tape that is available in roll form. They are electrically isolating, and a clean solution to use. These thermally conductive tapes are easy to die-cut, and have applications of mounting heat-sinks, and heat spreaders onto different heat-generating devices. Bonding with Bond-Ply materials focuses on how well the material wet-outs onto surfaces, and surface preparation. Naturally, with any thermal interface material, pressure and wet-out are two of the main concerns when discussing thermal performance. As demonstrated in the graph below, Bony-Ply has excellent thermal performance. 

Applications Utilizing Bond-Ply Thermally Conductive Tape

-Mounting Heat Sinks onto BGA graphics processors, or drive processors

-Heat spreader onto motor control PCB 

-Mounting LED assemblies to heat sinks 

Availability of Bond-Ply Options

Product/aka/Reinforcement Carrier/Thickness/Thermal Conductivity

Bond-Ply TBP 850 aka Bond-Ply 100/fiberglass/.005’’ or .008’’ or .011’’/0.8 W-m-K

Bond-Ply TBP 400 aka Bond-Ply 400/unreinforced/.005’’-.010’’/0.4 W/m-K

Bond-Ply TBP 400P aka Bond-Ply 660P/polyimide film/.008’’/0.4 W/m-K

Bond-Ply TBP 800 aka Bond-Ply 800/fiberglass/.005’’ or .008’’/0.8 W/m-K

Bond-Ply TBP 1400LMS-HD aka Bond-Ply LMS-HD/fiberglass/.010’’ or .012’’/1.4 W/m-K- heat curable

bond-ply thermal performance

More Information/Datasheets

NEDC die-cuts, or otherwise converts double-sided thermally conductive tapes into finished thermal pads. For more information on double-sided thermally conductive tapes, please contact sales@nedc.com

Datasheet Download Bond-Ply TBP 850 aka Bond-Ply 100

Datasheet Download Bond-Ply TBP 400 aka Bond-Ply 400

Datasheet Download Bond-Ply TBP 400P aka Bond-Ply 660P

Datasheet Download Bond-Ply TBP 800 aka Bond-Ply 800

Datasheet Download Bond-Ply TBP 1400LMS-HD aka Bond-Ply LMS-HD

Note: Graph is re-presented from Thermal Selection Guide by Henkel

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