thermal pad die cut, tflex 660

thermal pad die cut, tflex 660

NEDC manufactures thermal pads for many different customers. The thing I love about thermal pads, there is so many of them. Each one has different properties, and has its own fit for applications. 

Properties of TFLEX 600 Thermal Pad

TFLEX 600 is a boron nitride filler filled, silicone thermal pad. It is used in applications where high-compliance is required for lower stress applications. It is UL 94 V0 rated. It has low outgassing with TML: 0.13%, and CVCM of 0.05% per ASTM E595. 

Whats unique about TFLEX 600?

A few things:

  1. Its unreinforced in thicknesses above/including .040’’
  2. It is available in a wide variety of thicknesses/sheet sizes – this is good because it allows for a more precise gap to be dialed in when it comes to compression/deflection.
  3. Eliminated Natural Tack allows for a wide variety of applications

Well then, Just get to it… What’s the Thermal Conductivity? 

3 W/m-K. However, as we have discussed before- Thermal Conductivity is not everything (refer to our handy-dandy charts on Deflection vs Pressure, and Thermal Resistance vs Pressure. On these charts- don’t deflect it more than 50% – please don’t. Naturally as the pressure on this pad goes up, the performance also goes up.. With a dramatic increase past 30 psi. 

chart for compression/deflection

chart for compression/deflection, tflex 600


Thermal Pads have a number of applications. However, some thermal pads are geared for higher performance applications:

-5G Telecommunications Equipment Applications 

-High Speed mass storage Drives

-Heat pipe thermal solutions

-Cooling components to a chassis/frame

Tack/Or Without Tack

This thermal pad uses a nomenclature designation of DC1 to eliminate a natural tack on one side of the material. 

Available Thicknesses include:

TFLEX 620, TFLEX 630, TFLEX 640, TFLEX 650, TFLEX 660, TFLEX 670, TFLEX 680, TFLEX 690, TFLEX 6100, TFLEX 6100, TFLEX 6120, TFLEX 6130, TFLEX 6140, TFLEX 6150, TFLEX 6160, TFLEX 6170, TFLEX 6180, TFLEX 6190, TFLEX 6200

More Information on TFLEX 600 Series

Tflex 600 is a Blue-Violet color. TFlex 600 comes in thicknesses ranging from .020’’ to .200’’. This is designated by the part number. 660 is .060’’, 6150 is .150’’, etc.  In addition, it is REACH/RoHS compliant. It is available in 18’’ x 18’’, and 9’’ x 9’’ sheets for die-cutting/converting. For more information on thermal pads, please contact


TFLEX 600 Datasheet Download

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