ablefilm sheet 5025e

Ablefilm Sheet 5025e

At NEDC we die-cut and laser-cut many types of adhesives. One adhesive that stands apart is Ablefilm® 5025E™. This film is one of the most common converted at NEDC via laser-cutting or die-cutting. 5025E is an unsupported electrically/thermally conductive epoxy film that is used for bonding circuit boards to heat-sinks or other components. The epoxy film is used as a binder to hold the silver particles in place. The silver particles imparts its high level of electrical (X,Y, Z directions) conductivity. As a demonstration of this films high level of electrical conductivity, its volume resistivity reaches lower than .0005 ohms/cm.

Uses and Benefits of Ablefilm® 5025E™

Adhesive Films are used because of their inherent ability to control thickness, and cost per unit. The uses of 5025E™ is complemented by its benefits. The benefits of Ablefilm® 5025E™ include:

-Thin Uniform Bondline

-Providing EMI/RFI shielding

-Great thermal and electrical conductivity

-Quick cleanup/Easy of assembly

-Each preform is certified to MIL-STD-883, Method 5011

Availability of Ablefilm® 5025E™

These films are supplied in a neat format of sheeted goods. Sheets available depend on the thickness. This material is available in a few different thicknesses ranging from .002” to .006”. The thickness tolerance on this material is +/- .0005” below .003” and above is +/- .001”:

Cutting Options of Preforms

NEDC laser-cuts, and die-cuts Ablefilm® 5025E™ material. The shape of the preform is limited by the size of the sheet provided. NEDC oftentimes can hold tolerances as close as +/- .001’’-.002’’ on preforms of this material.  In addition, NEDC commonly has stock of this material to sell full sheets, or completed epoxy preforms. Storage temperature of this film is 0° C. The color for this material is a dark tan. For more information on Ablefilm® 5025E™ or you believe you would have an application that 5025E™ would fit well in, please contact

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