Epoxy Preforms

Epoxy Adhesive Preforms define custom parts that are cut out of an adhesive material that can come either thermally conductive or electrically conductive. However, oftentimes they come as both. In addition, some of these films are supported by carriers such as fiberglass to ease in handling and assembly. Epoxy preforms offer an alternative to conductive thermal pastes that can be difficult for assembly in a few ways. These pastes can be messy, and may not provide intimate contact across an entire assembly. These adhesive films can be utilized to add manufacturing efficiency.

Preforming the material allows for more uniform bond lines, and consistent application of the adhesive across the assembly. Applications such as bonding to heat-sinks are common for these films. These materials can be laser-cut or die-cut.

The delineation between the two options is often stratified by a number of factors including:

-Complexity of the cut-outs

-How many preforms are being manufactured

-How big/small the preform is

-Tolerance requirements(recommended +/- .003’’ for cutouts, +/- .005’’ for locations)*

Henkel manufactures a number of options that may be fits for different applications:

Electrically/Thermally Conductive

5025E ™

ECF561E ™

CF3350 ™

ECF550 ™

ECF563 ™

Thermally Conductive

5020K ™

561K ™

566K ™

563K ™

506 ™

Typical thicknesses of epoxy preform materials range from .002-.006’’, however depending on the material that may change. Thickness tolerancing is also very tight on these materials ranging from +/- .001’’ to +/- .0005’ depending on the material.

In addition, different sheet sizes are available for different materials, so it is always good to consulate availability before designing a material. These epoxy preforms are stored at lower temperatures such as refrigeration or below freezing. This temperature varies by material. 

*These tolerances obviously can tighten or loosen, but further consultation is recommended on every unique part, email sales@nedc.com