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Like many people, I have pet-peeves. One of my small pet-peeves is when a company says “We are a one-stop shop” Well, if that were true a customer could literally just drop a BOM on your lap and expect that entire product assembled in a quoted lead-time. While there are contract assemblers; usually those people know they are going to be buying some products from other vendors, and not making the entire product in-house which to me “one-stop shop” implies.  Most people think of NEDC as a place to go for die cutting for gaskets.

With that said, I thought it would be illustrative to provide some examples in which a customer could come to us for many components that would go into their electronic assembly. In this example, this customer has an electronic assembly that has a circuit board inside an enclosure with the circuit board having heat producing components.



Moreover, some customers choose a combination gasket that features a metal mesh component and also a sponge or solid gasket component. In addition, NEDC manufactures “connector gaskets” that are normally used on cables that go into the box. These gaskets can be supplied with an adhesive component to allow for easy assembly. There are numerous ways to assemble these products.


This customer has a need for a gasket. But this need includes both an environmental gasket and an EMI-shielding component. Luckily, NEDC can provide both in one. Some selections include a silver-aluminum silicone gasket or maybe a fluorosilicone, silver filled gasket.

Thermal Pads

This customer also has a need for thermal pads on their circuit board to rid the circuit board of heat. While some heat is normal, lots of heat can be detrimental to the performance of the electronics. Similar to the example before, there are many choices available. Depending on the gap size, thermal conductivity requirement, and dielectric requirements different pads can be picked from. There are silicone-based thermal pads, graphite-based pads, and other choices available. Henkel Electronics is a common go-to manufacturer for thermal pads. Usually these products can be die-cut or waterjet-cut.


With many electronics that are placed inside a metal box, there is little place for the RF waves to go except around the box. For that reason, our customers commonly put in an absorber to account for the noise that accumulates inside the box. There are many OEMs of these materials covering many frequencies, broad band, and narrow band. Usually these products can be die-cut or waterjet-cut.

Epoxy Films

Oftentimes bonding a circuit board to a heat-sink can be tricky with messy adhesives that can get all over the place and spread unevenly. Some examples would include Ablefilm ECF561E, or 5025E by Henkel. Usually NEDC die-cuts or laser-cuts these products. I did not include the Ablefilm in the picture because its frozen, and likes to stay that way.

New England Die Cutting manufactures gaskets, absorbers, thermal pads, epoxy films, and other die-cut products. If you believe you have any die-cutting applications similar to the ones mentioned above, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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