Silicone Sponge Gasket, solution in quick turn package

Silicone Sponge Gasket, solution in quick turn package

We often hear from the customers we work with, that our parts are the last thing people think of when completing a project. These parts can range from thermal interface materials that provide a stick-in-place solution, heat-dissipating solution, or a left-out gasket that is essential to passing environmental testing. After hearing about troubled programs enough times, we decided to make our customer’s urgency something we offered as a service.


Being a quick-turn solutions supplier, we are not only extremely familiar with urgency for a need of parts, but also capable of providing these components in an extremely fast turnaround fashion. We have built something into our business model called a “prototype department”. This department is built to accomodate last-minute engineering, or perhaps trail and error testing during the rush of initial prototypes. Parts we provide through the prototyping department can range from thermal management pads, to foam gaskets, to insulators. This department is built to circumvent the traditional trial and error through production paradigm that could otherwise take weeks.


Our prototyping department offers a plethora of materials for our customers, so they can pick a solution that will function for them. To support our customers, we stock a wide variety of materials, including speciality silicones, sponge materials, foam materials, films, thermal management materials, and more. Our prototyping department is also experienced in procuring samples of “hard to find” materials, in order to avoid minimum buys and costs to the project when it’s in its infancy. Prototypes are normally used to find something that is close/comparable or exactly the same, to allow engineers to have a proof of concept without the high cost of putting through a requisition.


Our prototyping department allows your project to circumvent the traditional process, and enables you to be offered a product that can be shipped quickly, normally within 24 hours. While circumventing the normal processes that are used on traditional orders, it is important to realize that prototypes should not be used in production unless first consulting the prototyping department. Our prototyping department utilizes our fast-turn solution machines, such waterjet, laser, and other means to ensure a quick turn-around.

You can depend on NEDC to be your quick-turn die-cut supplier for all types of materials. NEDC is considered one the best gasket suppliers in the industry, especially in the field of fast-turn gasket solutions. For more information on our rapid prototyping department or if you need to try something in a hurry, feel free to contact

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