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knife cutting

knife cutting

Before the close of the 2022 year, NEDC bought a knife-cutting machine. This knife-cutter will enable NEDC to provide more quality parts to its customers. This machine has a maximum table length of 60’’ x 120’’. NEDC is very excited to announce this to our customers. So much so, we are adding it as a capability page on our main website. 

Benefits of a Knife-Cutter/Knife-Cutting

-Cutting Speed

-Larger Gaskets (60’’ x 120’’)

-Thicker materials that will not be subject to tapering that is common with waterjet cutting


-Better quality kiss-cut for some parts

-Accepts electronic files such as DXFs for exact specifications to be cut

This knife-cutter is in addition to the other capabilities NEDC already has:

NEDC Capabilities:

-Waterjet Cutting

-Die Cutting

-Laser Cutting

More Information

For more information on knife-cutting, or you believe you have an application or a part that could utilize knife cutting, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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