Kiss-Cutting in operation neoprene with adhesive backing

Kiss-Cutting in operation neoprene with adhesive backing

Nowadays everyone is trying to do everything faster. Make coffee faster, make cars fasters, make the computer that I am typing on faster. Some feedback that we often get from customers is, “These parts are so small, or so awkwardly shaped that removing the liner from the tape on the back can be so time consuming!” Thankfully NEDC often has a solution for problems such as these.

Kiss-Cutting, a Convenient Solution

Our solution is to offer the parts kiss-cut on a release liner. When die-cutters such as NEDC discuss kiss-cutting what we are referring to is parts that are cut through the material and adhesive of the PSA, but not cut through the liner itself. This operation is done similarly to the way parts are conventionally die-cut. We are cutting through one surface but not all the way through all the surfaces, to say “kissing” the surface. The only difference is that the die is set differently to prevent the knifes from going all the way through past the liner. There are several advantages to kiss-cutting that can help our customers provide a faster and more efficient supply chain paradigm.

Advantages of Kiss Cutting Parts

1st Advantage

The first obvious advantage is the assembly advantage. When the parts are kiss-cut, it makes an incredible difference to the end user to be able to peel off a stable, over extended liner, versus trying to pull the liner off the part itself. Parts that are cut out of conformable materials can be incredibly difficult to assemble without having stability added to the substrate. In these cases, kiss-cutting can an extremely helpful operation provided by the die-cutter.

Second Advantage

The second advantage to kiss-cutting parts can be the packaging. When parts are kiss-cut, they can be rolled up on the continuous liner itself to provide quick and clean packaging. This may not be present in some parts that have adhesive, which can be prone to oozing out the sides of the liner and material.

Oftentimes NEDC gets the question, what materials can you kiss-cut? Since NEDC is an approved converter for 3M company, we are extremely familiar with the operation and we kiss-cut a wide assortment of materials. NEDC kiss-cuts parts out of materials frequently, such as VHB foam tapes, polyimide films tapes, thermal management tapes and others. For more information on kiss-cutting, or if you think you have a part that could benefit from kiss-cutting operations, please contact

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