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As I always say, every print is like meeting a new person. Similar to DNA, every print is unique to the material, shape, size, tolerance, and specifications. At NEDC, our business model is built around the idea that whatever design our customers come up with, if we can cut it, we can help. Many people call NEDC a “build to print” shop. With that said, with over 5,000 different types of materials that NEDC interacts with, we have many machines that can change the shapes of those materials to add value to our customers product. There’s a few different things that go into adding that value:


Gaskets, Insulators, Thermal Pads

Gaskets, Insulators, Thermal Pads

As mentioned, NEDC deals with thousands of different types of materials that range from high performance thermal pads to adhesive tapes. Oftentimes, our customer has chosen a material that works best for them from a cost, performance, and feasibility standpoint. With the many customers NEDC has, the possibilities are endless.

Size of Shapes:

NEDC manufactures anything from small components that may be smaller than .020’’ in size to gigantic gaskets that are bigger than a kitchen table. With that large diversity of size, and shape it becomes possible to manufacture some very interesting combinations of materials and sizes. For example, NEDC manufactures a gasket that is over 10 feet long. As another example, NEDC manufactures an insulator that has features of less than .020’’ in size.


One of the other unique things about the converting industry is all the of the different capabilities we have. These capabilities include waterjet cutting, laser cutting, die cutting, slitting and more. As mentioned above, the gasket that NEDC makes that is over 10 feet long is manufactured on a waterjet. These capabilities allow NEDC to make some truly extraordinary products of the imagination.

At NEDC, our mission is to provide the customer with a product that they can think up, and we can build within their specifications. If they want a specific transfer tape on their gasket we will do that. If they want a specific thermal pad that may take 15 weeks to get, we will also do that. The Diversity of Die Cutting is broad, and we are good at it. For more information, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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