We are a 3M converter, and if I’m being honest, I don’t throw a party everytime they come out with a new product. I like new copper foil products, and new VHB Tapes just like the next guy, but nothing gets me going like:


Why is this Electrically Conductive Tape a Big Deal?

Just recently, 3M came out with a new product. They advertise this new polyoefin conductive tape as a 48 month shelf life. Repeat that to yourself, 4 YEARS. This is important, because ECTTs (electrically conductive transfer tapes), and double sided electrically conductive tapes are NEVER that long. They usually range from 12-24 months. This is especially frustrating because it means I essentially buy new tape every 6 months for our military customers. Our most stringent (military) customers require 80%, so on 12 months that means no less than 2.5 months could have expired from the day the tape was made. Given that’s the case, it’s almost worth the consideration in such cases to offer to run a factory run of hundreds of rolls because 3M won’t guarantee brand new tape ever- nor should they. 


5113DFT comes in two different thicknesses. 50 um, and 100um

5113SFT comes in only one thickness, 50 um 


EMI Shielding/Grounding Gaskets, such as MIL-DTL-83528
Shielding Boxes

Now that I’m done talking about the shelf life, this product actually has some things that are worth mentioning. The adhesion of these tapes is really good. At a small dwell period, it’s roughly 46 oz/in to stainless steel. It goes up from there marginally. For an electrically conductive tape that’s very good. 

Shelf Life Note:

Most adhesive tapes shelf life is in roll form. For more information on shelf life, see our adhesive tape shelf life blog.

More Information

NEDC can add 5113DFT to gasketing materials as an aid for assembly that is electrically conductive. All of the 5113DFT/SFT come in a metallic color. NEDC die-cuts, laser-cuts, and otherwise converts products with adhesive tape backing for customers. For more information on 3M products, please contact sales@nedc.com

Datasheet Download for 3M 5113SFT Tape

Datasheet Download for 3M 5113DFT Tape

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