Applications get smaller, and smaller everyday. As footprints of the electronics we serve get thinner, and lighter i.e electronic signs, tablets, and other peripherals, the gasketing must get thinner to accommodate it. We have customers come in all the time looking for something thinner to seal their application from the weathering, or other torments that haunt modern electronics.

What is a Thin Gasketing Material?

It may be best to start with, what is a thin gasketing material? I suppose thats somewhat subjective, however-  I consider a thin gasketing material to be anything below .015’’. The reason I say this is because most materials are available at .015’’ and above- however many materials aren’t, so it requires a special type of gasketing.. That’s the purpose of this blog. 


When you’re thinking about sealing polymers at thin cross sections, it really comes down to my favorite material: silicone rubber.

Silicone Rubber comes in a number of forms. The thinnest silicone rubber we offer is .005’’ in thickness. Common thin thicknesses for silicone rubber include: .005’’, and .010’’. This is due to the fact of how pliable, and malleable silicone rubber compound is. In addition, liquid silicone rubber cured options are available such as Rogers Corporation offerings including HT-6210, & HT-6220. 

Note: Typically organic polymers such as Neoprene, EPDM, or others come in thicknesses of 1/64’’ or .015’’ in thickness as a minimum. 

Other Options that Aren’t Compounded Solid Rubbers:

VHB Tape by 3M Company:

One thing I wanted to mention when it comes to gasketing, is VHB Tape. This super high bonding tape made by 3M. A while ago, we wrote a blog discussing all the different tapes that are designed for thin electronics. Some of these tapes are:

5906 VHB Tape(.006’’) .15mm

5907 VHB Tape(.008’’) .20mm

5908 VHB Tape(.010’’) .25mm

5909 VHB Tape(.012’’) .30mm

4914 VHB Tape(.010’’) .25mm

PORON Urethane Foam by Rogers Corporation 

These thin foam options include thicknesses down to .012’. Keep in mind, these foam options are supported options.

4790-92 Supported down to .012’’ 

4701-50 Supported down to .012’’

Note: PORON is available in down to .021’’ in many cases depending on the product. I mention this because this is unusually thin for a cellular product. Many sponges/foams are only available down to a nominal of .032’’ in most cases. 

More Information 

NEDC does die-cutting, and other converting for thin gasketing options. In addition, NEDC is able to add adhesive tapes options from 3M to materials. For more information on thin gauge gasketing materials, please contact

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