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A lot of the materials that we cut are built for rugged applications. Polyurethane Gaskets stand out when it comes to a tough gasketing material. However, its good to note – this blog is about polyurethane gasketing materials that are one solid piece- not polyurethane foam such as PORON from Rogers Corporation. 

Some properties of Polyurethane gaskets:

-Excellent Abrasion Resistance

-Great Tear Resistance

–Good Resistance to a number of Chemicals

Applications that Commonly Utilize Polyurethane Rubber Gasketing Materials:





-Vibration Damping/Shock Absorption

Availability of Polyurethane Gasketing:

Colors/Durometers/FDA Gaskets

The availability in Polyurethane Gasketing Materials is large. The durometer ranges from ultra soft(Shore 40OO) to extremely hard (95A). In addition, the amount of colors that are available vary widely. I’ve seen black, yellow, natural(typical a clear yellowish). FDA approved gaskets made from Polyurethane are also available.

Thicknesses/Sheet Sizes

Another unique quality about polyurethane gasketing materials is the wide range of thicknesses/tolerancing/sheet sizing. We’ve supplied thicknesses as thin as .010’’ in thickness while also supplying thicknesses as thick as an inch. Of course, not all permutations are available for these materials. 

More information:

NEDC die-cuts, or waterjet cuts polyurethane gasketing materials into a variety of custom shapes and sizes for its customers. Similar to other types of gasketing materials NEDC offers- we can supply polyurethane with adhesive backing/PSA for ease of assembly for our customers. For more information on polyurethane gaskets or seals, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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