Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet cutting sponge rubber with adhesive

NEDC Sealing Solutions operates only with state-of-the-art equipment that can handle a variety of materials. One of the most sophisticated machines NEDC owns is the Waterjet. The Waterjet cutting happens through a very unique process. The process start with a high-powered pump that creates a lot of pressure for the water. The water then exits the head of the waterjet through a premounted sapphire orifice. All of this action produces an extremely powerful waterjet stream that is forced from the head at incredible speeds, (30,000-50,000psi). The waterjet cutting process allows parts to be nested in a very economical fashion.

We can cut Metal, Glass, Foam and all Non-Metallic Materials such as rubber. Waterjet cutting offers incredible accuracy of cuts; some parts can be held within a tolerance of +/- .002″. Of course, you have to consider there are many variables that dictate what tolerance can be held on a waterjet-cut part. We are able to cut with Abrasive and Non-Abrasive. The purpose of abrasive and non-abrasive can be nuanced. The determination whether or not to use abrasive depends on the type of part, the material of the part, and the tolerances of the part. While waterjet cutting, abrasive may be helpful when cutting parts that are metal or hard plastics. Non-Abrasive waterjet cutting may be helpful with parts that are made of materials such as foams, sponges or rubbers. NEDC is considered a leading waterjet cutting supplier for various shapes and sizes of parts.

A side benefit of waterjet cutting is the size of parts: large parts can be cut with amazing accuracy. Of course, the longer the part becomes, the more error that naturally exists. The size of the bed is 5′ x 8′. Please provide Auto Cad files, preferably DXF, to ensure accuracy and correctness of your part.

Advantages of WaterJet Cutting:

  • Extremely Accurate Cuts of Complex Parts
    Waterjet cutting offers an incredible amount of accuracy through a coordination of computer software and tight controls.
  • Maximizes Yield through nesting software
    Parts can be easily nested to offer our customer the best price possible.
  • High Degree of Repeatability
    The waterjet cut is virtually identical to the last and offers consistent quality.
  • No tool investment is necessary for water jet cutting
    No tool is needed to be made, the DXF is the tool!
  • Quick Prototypes
    Waterjet Cutting offers the advantage of the customer being able to engineer the part through their DXF. The benefit of creating a DXF gives a side benefit of being able to move into production in a much quicker fashion. No tool is required to be created, so parts can be cut extremely fast.
  • Cut parts from CAD/DXF files, to ensure perfect accuracy of every cut, every time
    The waterjet is always offering a consistent water stream that makes each part nearly identical to the last.
  • Allows materials to be cut without the typical compression of conventional die-cutting
    Die-Cutting thick materials can result in concavity because of the “burst” action of the die; with a waterjet it is possible to avoid this compression distortion.

If you have a part that you believe could be waterjet cut, please send your question or drawing to sales@nedc.com.