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Nomex® Die Cut Part

Nomex® Die Cut Part

At NEDC we cut many electrically insulating materials. Our most common one is Nomex®. We see is Nomex® 410 the most often. Nomex® is a strong material that is made of Nomex® fiber. It is naturally flame resistant, and extremely resistant to heat. Nomex® is a very unique material made by DuPont™. While the most commonly seen material is Nomex 410® for NEDC, it is good to keep in mind there are many different types available to match different applications.

Properties of Nomex® by DuPont™

Nomex has fibers that poorly conduct heat so when the flame is applied and then removed the Nomex® stops burning quickly. The same structure of Nomex® that stops the conduction of heat is what stops the conduction of electricity. It is used in many industries including aerospace, military, medical, and electronics. Nomex® is used in a lot of applications as an electrical sheet insulator. This material features a very high dielectric strength. Nomex® 410 has an impressive operating range of all the way up to 428°F in air. In addition, it has great solvent resistance. 

Nomex® 410

For NEDC, Nomex® 410 is the most commonly seen. There are 11 thicknesses available of this material to match the wide demand it sees. These thicknesses range from .002’’ to .030’’ in thickness. Common thicknesses NEDC deals with are .002’’, .005’’, .007’’, .010’’, .015’’, and .030’’. Depending on the nominal thickness of the paper, different UL-94 flame classes are certified. VTM-0 for 4mil, and V0 for 5 mil and above. Specifications available with Nomex® 410 include MIL-I-24204, and/or NEMA FI3. NEDC commonly keeps many different thicknesses on hand of Nomex 410®. This availability enables NEDC to provide quick lead times. 

Storage & Cutting

NEDC can provide die-cut parts and laser-cut Nomex® parts. Oftentimes NEDC will provide a tape/adhesive backing on Nomex® to help aid assembly. Tapes include 467MP, 3M 9472, and 3M 9485PC. As detailed in the Nomex® 410 datasheet, it is susceptible to moisture so storage conditions are something to be aware of. While these effects are mostly reversible, it is good to keep in mind. For more information on Nomex® or you believe you have an application that could utilize Nomex® please contact sales@nedc.com.

Nomex 410 Datasheet Download

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