NEDC die-cuts high-temperature gasketing materials all the time. Many times, customers would like a gasketing material to have a tape on them. Most applications don’t require a high temperature adhesive because its just to help during assembly- however, there are times when that adhesive needs to be stationary, and applied during the life of the application. Luckily, 3M Company has provided a solution for these type applications. 

Benefits of Ultra High Temperature 100HT (High Temperature) Tape from 3M

-Low Outgassing

-High Temperature (tolerates 540°F (280°C) for short periods and long term of 350°F (177°C)

-High adhesion- similar to other 3M products such as 3M 200MP adhesive family (80 oz/in for 9082, and 96 oz/in for 9085 at room temperature for peel strength for 90 degree peel)

-Adhesive color is clear

The temperature range for these tapes is far above what other tapes oftentimes offer. 

There are two versions of each of the tape below. The “UV” versions have a fluoresce agent, meaning it lights up under a black light for inspection. 

High Temperature Transfer Tapes

3M 9085 – .005’’ 3M 100HT adhesive, .0032’’ brown paper liner

3M 9082 – .002’’ 3M 100HT adhesive, .0032’’ white printed paper

3M 9082UV- .002’’ 3M 100HT adhesive, .0032’’ white printed paper

3M 9085UV  – .005’’ 3M 100HT adhesive, .0032’’ brown paper liner

Where are these Tapes Found in Applications?

-Printed Circuit Boards/Heat Sink Bonding– very high operating temperatures

-Electronics applications where solder reflow is common

-Automotive under the hood applications

-High Temperature Gasketing Applications

More Information/Availability

NEDC can provide these tapes in several formats- rolls, die-cut individual tape pieces, kiss-cut parts, or laminated onto gasket parts. NEDC is an authorized 3M converter. For more information on high temperature transfer tape, please contact


Datasheet Download for 3M 100HT Adhesive

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