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double coated tape

At NEDC, we use double coated tapes for a variety of purposes. Sometimes we use it as an aid in manufacturing- other times, we provide it to customers either laminated to a gasketing material, or perhaps just the double coated tape itself. 

What is a Double Coated Tape?

The definition of a double coated tape should start with definitions of other parts of tape.

-A release liner

-Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

-A Carrier

  1. Release liner is usually made of paper or plastic, coated with a material that has a very low surface energy that allows it to not stick well to adhesive.
  2. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is adhesive that is coated onto something that it may or may not stick to well.
  3. Carrier is usually made of plastic that “carries” the adhesive. In the case of double coated tape, the adhesive is coated on both sides of the carrier, hence “double coated tape” coated both sides… double.

Advantages of a Double Coated Tape:

  1. It provides more rigidity in manufacturing. One of the issues with adhesive transfer tape is the only thing that supports placement is the liner, so once that is removed the stability of the tape is gone. Double Coated Tapes are much easier to place down in an assembly. 
  2. It is dimensionally stable. One of the issues with adhesive transfer tapes is the fact that while the tape is coated onto a liner, it does not have a good bond to the surface of the liner, so it rarely sticks well. On the other hand, double coated tapes adhesive sticks very well to the carrier. This provides dimensional stability. 
  3. Easily convertible without further intervention by die-cutting.
  4. Some tapes have the ability to stick to dissimilar surfaces due to the fact, different adhesives can be coated to either side of the carrier. For example, 3M 9731 has silicone adhesive on one side, with acrylic adhesive on the other

More Information:

Since NEDC is an authorized 3M Converter, we have access to all of their tape products. For more information on double coated tapes or you believe you have an application that could utilize a double coated tape please contact sales@nedc.com.

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