3M 9731 Double Coated Tape

roll of 9731 tape

We are an authorized 3M Converter at NEDC. As a result, we work with many of their tape products. These include VHB Tapes, EMI Shielding Tapes, Transfer Tapes, and many others. One of the tapes we work with often is 3M 9731 Double Coated Tape. This tape has the great attribute of having silicone pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, while having acrylic adhesive on the other. The tape is designed for attaching two dissimilar surfaces. For example, a silicone-based elastomer to a steel plate. We will break down the components of the tape because it is important to realize which side is which when utilizing this tape. This tape is made up of 3 components:


-Acrylic Adhesive Side

-PET Carrier

-Silicone Adhesive Side

The Acrylic Side:

This layer of the tape is made of Adhesive 350. This adhesive is a high-performing acrylic adhesive that is 1.6 mil (.0016’’) thick. As an acrylic adhesive, this portion of the tape has excellent temperature, and chemical resistance. This portion of the tape is the side that is meant to bond to other substrates such as steel, aluminum, and other high-surface energy substrates. This layer comes with a 4.2 (.0042’’) thick 58# polycoated kraft release liner. 

The Carrier:

This carrier is a 1 mil (.001’’) thick clear PET carrier. This provides stability to the product. The silicone adhesive is bonded to one side, and the acrylic adhesive is bonded to the other. 

The Silicone Side:

This silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is a 3 mil (.003’’) thick layer. This layer comes with a fluoropolymer non-silicone coated clear release liner that is 2.9 mil (.0029’’) thick. This is the side that is normally bonded to silicone products such as silicone foam, silicone sponge, and silicone rubber. For a silicone adhesive, this side bonds very well. For example, the peel adhesion on polycarbonate is 42 oz/in. 


NEDC laser-cuts, or die-cuts custom shapes of 3M 9731 Double Coated Tape. However, oftentimes NEDC will laminate this tape to gasketing materials for ease of our customers assembly. As a result, oftentimes our way of supplying 9731 Double Sided Tape to our customers is through parts such as gaskets, and insulators. 


It is also good to note that 9731 comes reverse-wound meaning the way the roll is rolled together is reversed. This is designated by 9731RW, RW for “reverse-wound”. For more information regarding 3M 9731 Double Sided Tape please contact sales@nedc.com


3M 9731 Double Coated Tape Datasheet Download

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