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NEDC has been die-cutting thermal pads since its inception in 1982. One of the more popular products Sil-Pad 900S by Henkel’s Bergquist. It is one of the most commonly die-cut materials NEDC converts. This product is part of the Sil-Pad family, featuring great thermal conductivity while being electrically isolating. This material exhibits great properties with a silicone binder that is reinforced with fiberglass. It has become a great solution for low pressure yet thin thermal situations. As a result, this pads high thermal conductivity is matched by its versatility.

Sil-Pad 900S Die Cut Parts, Assortment

Sil-Pad 900S Die Cut Parts, Assortment

About Sil-Pad 900S/SIL PAD TSP 1600S

Sil-Pad 900S is a combination of fiberglass, and thermally conductive silicone rubber. Its great properties make it an industry workhorse. For example, it has a great flame rating (UL94 V0), is non-toxic, and has a continuous temperature range of -76°F to 356°F. In addition to these properties, it also exhibits great physical properties, such as tensile strength, and elongation. The fiberglass reinforcement provides great resistance against sharp objects that may be present during the assembly process. Considering it is electrically isolating, it is commonly used to isolate power sources from heat-sinks. Its thermal conductivity of 1.6 W/m-K, along with a low thermal impedance, make it a great solution in situations with high thermal requirements. Low clamping force such as spring clips are commonly used with Sil-Pad 900S. It is used in power supplies, power semiconductors, automotive electronics, and motor controls.

Note: Sil-Pad 900S is used as a reinforcement for Henkels Thermal Gap Pads as Gap Pad VOUS, and Gap Pad VOS due to its good physical properties, and its fiberglass reinforcement.

Nomenclature Information for SIL PAD TSP 1600S


SP900S-0.009-00 (No PSA)

SP900S-0.009-AC (PSA)

How is this Thermal Pad Available?

The standard color is a rugged pink. NEDC commonly die-cuts parts out of these materials in standard & custom non-standard shapes. It can be provided with a thermally conductive pressure sensitive-adhesive on one side. This material is normally is provided in the thickness of .009″. It is normally available in 12″ x 12″ sheets, or roll form. Sil-Pad 900S is also known as SIL PAD TSP 1600S.  For more information on thermal pads, or if you believe you have an application that could utilize them, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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