ultem film

ultem film

NEDC manufactures ( by die cutting) electrical insulators/isolators for many customers. One of the more robust electrical insulators/isolator around is Ultem™, or PEI. 

Properties of Ultem/PEI Film

Ultem/PEI is a thermoplastic material. Ultem™ offers high heat resistance, along with good UV stability, fantastic electrical properties, and a great chemical resistance. In addition, it has a UL 94 VTM-0 rating. For all intents, and purposes this means that Ultem falls underneath a class of insulators that is Flame Retardant. 

What is the difference between Ultem™, and PEI Film? 

PEI stands for polyetherimide. Ultem™ is a brand of PEI Film. Ultem™ is the trademark of SABIC. However, most PEI film you will encounter will be Ultem™ branded film. 

What is the most common Ultem™ material?

Ultem™ 1000 is by far the most popular film that we use. Polish/Matte is the finish on the material.

Other Grades Available of Ultem™

Ultem™ 2100- 10% glass filled

Ultem™ 2200- 20% glass filled

Ultem™ 2300- 30% glass filled

Ultem™ HU1000- Medical Grade

Is Ultem™ just used for electrical insulation/isolation?

I’ve seen customers utilize Ultem/PEI film for:

-3D Printing Beds as an underlayment to prevent sticking. 

-Shim Stock to add up thickness in an application.

More Information/Availability of Ultem™ Film 

At NEDC, we are a die-cutter. I say this because I want our audience to be aware, when we discuss die-cutting- we are only die-cutting Ultem ranging from .001’’ to .040’’ in thickness. Most common  (nominal) thicknesses are:

1mil(.001”), 2mil(.002”), 3mil(.003”), 4mil(.004”), 5mil(.005”), 7mil(.007”), 10mil(.010”)

The color of this film is usually semi-clear amber color that is unique. In addition, this film can come with an adhesive backing to ease in assembly. For more information, please contact sales@nedc.com

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