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Ablefilm is a staple of the materials we cut at NEDC. in past blogs, we have discussed some of the electrically conductive options such as CF3350, or 5025E Ablefilm Epoxy Film. In a change of topics, we thought we would discuss an electrically insulative epoxy film. 

Properties of Ablestik 561K Epoxy Film

Ablefilm comes in essentially two big categories, electrically insulative, or electrically conductive. 561K is an electrically insulative film that is extremely popular in the Aerospace, and Military industry. It is used for bonding substrates, such as circuit boards with heat sinks. The film is incredibly good at bonding these substrates, providing over 3,300 psi of lap shear strength on an aluminum to aluminum substrate. The largest benefit of 561K is the low CTE. This CTE is partially imparted by its fiberglass carrier that allows easier handling than other unsupported films. This allows a good medium between substrates with large mismatches in their CTE. The flexibility of the adhesive allows for expansion and contraction without cracking , or wharping the board. In addition, it passes NASA outgassing standards. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.9 W/m-K. As most customers of epoxy films know, this is Ablestik product is stored frozen at -40°C. In addition, it requires heat, pressure for proper bonding. Although the datasheet mentions the product is reworkable, it is only reworkable BEFORE cure. 


561K comes in .004’’, .005’’, .006’’, .008’’, & .010’’ thicknesses. In addition, the material comes in standard sheet sizes such as 12’’ x 12’’. However, if a bigger preform is required, let us know to see what we can do. The color of 561K comes in an off-white color. It has a shelf life of one year under the proper storage conditions of -40C. 

Converting/Other Information 

NEDC utilizes laser-cutting, and die-cutting to convert Ablefilm Frozen Films into complete preforms. For more information on 561K, or you have an application that could utilize Ablefilm materials such as 561K, please contact


Datasheet Download for Ablestik 561K Adhesive Film

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