circuit board, circuitry

circuit board, circuitry

At NEDC, we are always using thermal pads for different customers. Performance for our customers is huge. While I encourage customers to not look at thermal conductivity for a sole indicator of performance, I’d be remiss to say that in this case, the 18 W/m-K is all the performance the big number promises. This product is called TGP 18000SF. 

Properties of TGP 18000SF

Lets start with the nomenclature. Why is it called TGP 18000SF? First off, 18000 stands for 18 W/m-K of thermal conductivity per ASTM D5470.  The “SF” stands for Silicone-Free. This would be one of only a few pads that are silicone free from Henkel, or for that fact any manufacturer. As most electrical engineers know, silicone can be especially pernicious in applications where lighting, or vision is required due to fogging from silicone migration/bleeding. For this reason, having a pad that is silicone-free at this high of a thermal conductivity is an incredible product. In addition, and very importantly this material is electrically insulative. Before the inception of this product 12 W/m-K was the highest thermal conductivity to date from Henkel. As I mentioned before, I encourage customers not to use W/m-K as the sole indicator. One small caveat I would like to mention with this pad is that this material requires a tad bit more pressure than your conventional conformable thermal pad. Most thermal pads are designed to be low pressure, so that the ability for the pad to conduct heat is by filling in all the little imperfections. In this case, the pad isWith that said, although the pad requires a little bit more pressure the performance is fantastic. 

Availability of TGP 18000SF

TGP 18000SF comes in a light gray/blue. In addition, it can come with tack on one side, or no tack at all for ease of use when assembling products. The thicknesses of TGP 18000SF range from .020’’ (.5mm) to .125’’ ( 3.175mm). This can be a good fit for a number of different applications. 

More Information

NEDC does die-cutting, waterjet-cutting, and other processes to cut thermal interface pads such as TGP 18000SF. For more information on thermal interface pads,or you feel like you have an application that could utilize thermal pads please contact

Datasheet Download for TGP 18000SF

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