A-A-59588 2A/2B with PSA

A-A-59588 2A/2B with PSA

I thought I’d make a blog about the material any good gasket maker should recognize off the top of their head. That gasket material would be the current A-A-59588 Class 2A/2B. Everytime I see these materials, I smile because I know that there’s a good chance we have this material at NEDC in stock. The reason for this is A-A-59588 Class 2A/2B are the most common silicone rubber specifications available in the gasket industry. 

Class 2 – Class 2A and 2B

Class 2 is (low temperature resistance down to -80°F), and high temperature resistance up to 425°F. The specification also recognizes it into two different further subclasses, 2A and 2B: 

Class 2A – High Temperature Resistant

Durometer/Grades Available: 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80

Class 2B – High Temperature Resistant / Low Compression Set

Durometer/Grades Available: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80

Overlapping of Specifications

Oftentimes Class 2A and Class 2B are the same material, however they are not always. The reason for this is because the two materials are so close in characteristics. In addition to that, many times they are also compliant to the respective AMS specifications, AMS-3301, AMS-3302, AMS-3303, and AMS-3304 – similarly, this is not always the case. Typically, the industry recognizes these materials are “General Purpose”. 

Information on Availability

In addition to being commercially available as a specification, well known commercial products meet A-A-59588 2A/2B, including CHR9040, CHR9050, CHR9060, and CHR9070 from Saint Gobain Performance Plastics. 

Typically these materials are provided in the standard rusty-red color. However, different colors are available upon request. NEDC die-cuts/waterjet cuts these gasket materials to make custom shape flat gaskets. In addition, NEDC can provide these materials with an acrylic adhesive backing for ease in application. For more information on gaskets made of A-A-59588 2A/2B, please contact sales@nedc.com. Also, for more comprehensive information regarding these materials, search out the specification A-A-59588.

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