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3m 200mp tape

3m 200mp tape

It is not often you hear someone say they have a “favorite tape”. However as an authorized 3M converter, I’m not afraid to say it- I love 200MP by 3M. 3M 200MP is an adhesive that is coated onto a number of carriers, and liners that yield a number of different tape products. Each of these products have numerous applications. These applications range from membrane switches to graphic overlays. I have a few reasons for liking it:

Reasons 3m 200MP is a Good Choice

  1. It is a very clean adhesive in a number of different thicknesses.
  2. It has a competitive price point.
  3. It comes off the liner cleanly.
  4. It is great for a number of applications, and often the adhesive tape composition is antithetical to air bubbles, and wrinkles. 
  5. It is environmentally green in its production without the use of solvents.
  6. It is available in a number of configurations as mentioned below. 
  7. It is easier to die-cut than competitive adhesive tape products. 

200MP by 3M Tape Compositions

Some of these tapes come in a roll format, while others can be supplied in sheet formats.

200MP Double Coated Tapes w/ PET Carriers


-7956MWS(vapor coated)

-7966MWS(vapor coated)

200MP Adhesive Transfer Tapes with Double Liners







200MP Adhesive Transfer Tapes

-467MP(available in a numerous of different liner formats including PET467MPF, Microchannel PCK paper 467MC, Microchannel PET 467MCF)


–468MP(available in PET 468MPF, MicroChannel PCK Paper 467MC, MicroChannel PET 467MCF)


More Information/Cutting

NEDC laser-cuts, die-cuts, and otherwise laminates a number of different products with 200MP adhesive tapes. Oftentimes, having a carrier For more information on 200MP Products by 3M or you believe you have an application that could utilize it, please contact sales@nedc.com


Datasheet/Flier Download for 200MP Tapes

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